Smells like Tin spirit

Being able to hack trash-worthy tin jars to covetable items proves Scrap Hack mastery. Found the most amazing blog post that gathers no less than 50 inspirational ideas to get you started with some tin-jar hacking of your own! I selected my favorites below – but do make sure to pop by the awesome Under The Table & Dreaming blog for the complete line-up!

Hope you´ll enjoy these re-use ideas:

Can Piedestal stand

The hack design consists of two plates and a a jar!
{source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Table Centerpiece

Cans in different shades of shimmery copper creates a stunning effect.
{source: Jayne Weddings}

Flower vases

Beautiful flowers & beautiful typography makes a great combo.
{source: Rachel Ray Magazine}

Tiered Can Tower

This idea could be varied in an infinite number of ways.
{source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Getting the hang of it…

3-in-1: Pretty, neat, tidy!
{source: Country Home}

Lamp Shade

A punched big can lamp shade creates a lively light effect.
{source: Mariposa Avenue}

Punched Lanterns

Pretty & Simple.
{source: Design Sponge}

Tin Jar Wall Art

Warhol really turned those Campbell cans into art icons….
{source: Brain Patrick Flynn Houzz}

Tin Jar Robots

Love these little creatures!
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Tin Jar Totem Pole

So cute.
{source: Disney Family Fun}

Tin Jar Table Decor

Some wrapping paper & labels are all you need to make these little darlings.
{source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Can organizer board

Organized bliss!
{source: HGTV}
Thanks a bunch to blog Under the Table & Dreaming for providing an awesome Line-up.
All pics were sourced via original post here

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  1. Kim skriver:

    I should probably point out that you’ll need to make sure these cans are safe before you let children use them. A lot of can openers leave a sharp point on the inside of the can so you’ll need to sand this down. I am definitely going to try this though – love the organiser board!

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