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In a previous post I crowned Piet Hein Eek the King of upcycling…Being firm believer in upcycling and the need for more ScrapHacking action out there…I am happy to announce that there is a rival to that crown! Briton Rupert Blanchard, who just recently won the ”Best Product Design Award” in the British Design Awards, truly masters the art of ScrapHacking. His blog Styling & Salvage provides a peek into his creative mind…The site features his patchy-looking chest of drawers, made from a potpurri of salvaged bits and pieces…
Rupert Blanchard
Rupert Blanchard
The Styling & Salvage blog has a charming inclusive tone, I really enjoyed the peek into the ”behind the scenes” feature of the creation of the Sharing Table for an event @ bag designer Ally Capellino´s Portobello store…These are Rupert´s own words on the project:

Inspired by impromptu gatherings where any available tables are pushed together, the ’Sharing table’ is made of early Victorian mahogany to 1970s formica tables found during the last 10 days in second hand markets across london.

Sharing Table by Rupert Blanchard

Every table had to be height adjusted to create a level playing field, some adjustments were easier than others, old james bond paperback books and tennis balls are just right….


Sharing Table by Rupert Blanchard

Sharing Table by Rupert Blanchard

Materials used for the Sharing Table by Rupert Blanchard:

– 60s formica & beech kitchen table
–  Victorian Mahogany table with books
– 70s motorway cafe formica and steel table
– 50s g-plan gate-leg dining table
– post war ply/pine and oak gate-leg table
– 30s reproduction antique plant table
– Georgian ebonised gate-leg table with tennis balls
– 30s/40s extending oak dining table. recycled plywood infills where needed
The inclusive tone & the openness of the creative process are things that I think Rupert are doing so right!
So simply – Congrats to the Design award & keep up the good ScrapHacking work (and interesting blogging!)…
Visit Rupert Blanchards Styling & Salvage blog

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