D.I.Y Pallet Coffee Table – A 7-step Tutorial

The first ScrapHack was a coffee table. Want one too? It´s an easy, no-fuss construction. If you find some good scrap – I´ll help with the hack – Just follow the pictures and see how I did it.

Step 1. Find Two Scrap Pallets

The ones I used didn´t really match in terms of size, but I kind of like that they´re odd! One was covered and one was the classic open” shape.

The Raw Material

Step 2. Sanding!

1+1= A Table

Sanding - Away we go!

Step 3. Filler!

Filler for a better finish

Filler action

Step 4. 2 become 1!

Joining pallets with L-Steel

Step 5. Add some wheels!

Mounting a set of wheels

Up on its feet - let´s roll!

Step 6. Paint Job!

Some painting to do...

A good start

Fresh paint set to dry

Step 7. Enjoy!

The Coffee Table has lots of room for magazines! You might think i´m crazy for not filling the gaps – but I simply like the fact that you can see its origin.

Great Storage for a Magazine Addict

A good idea though, is to have a big tray up your sleeve as one of those can come in handy for times you have guests that aren´t as used to your table as you´ll be…A bonus with this design is resting your feet on it is extremely ergonomic as  your heels fit/rest into the gaps! That fact also means you can also use your feet to move the table around – having never imagined that would be something I appreciated, I now think I would have a hard time adjusting to having a static, hard coffee table again!

Sofa Table doing its job!


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