D.I.Y Fringed Pendant Lamp

Michelberger Hotel in Berlin is a ScrapHacker´s haven, mecca – Wonderland…Ingenuity, style and humor are all important components in the eclectic and lovely Scrappy Chic Decor – needless to say – I´m a big fan! Lighting and fixtures are all special and original, and all hacked, in one way of the other. I´ll feed you all the inspiration nuggets individually, and in detail, to get you practically inspired for some D.I.Y action:

Fringed Bar Pendants

The fringed pendants speak for themselves. The fringes are made of magazine shreds which are glued to the inner lining of the pendant. The effect is a more intimate lighting as the lit scope of light is narrowed down, making the bar the focal point.

What you need for the Michelberger Pendant D.I.Y:

  • A pair of scissors or a document shredder
  • Some old mags´
  • Some adhesive – Scotch is probably most practical!
  • A pendant lamp, IKEA´s pendant FOTO (featured below) is a good match if you´re looking for the same style. IKEA´s Foto exists in 3 sizes (25cm/38cm/50cm in diameter) and 3 colors (ivory, black and brushed steel)- so you´re free to create after your own style…



The Hack is pretty Straight forward from there – Best of Luck!

ps. Ensure there´s an appropriate distance between the light bulb and the paper shreds! ds.

Visit the Michelberger Hotel online @ www.michelbergerhotel.com (great web design there…)
In the real world @ Warschauer Straße 39 (U-bahn: Warchauer Strasse)

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