Fors(-å) of nature

During a walk the other day I grabbed a few branches from a pile, thinking I wanted to make something out of them…and back home, a couple of hours later, I found myself the happy maker of 2 brand new branch lamps. I hacked an IKEA Forså Lamp work lamp to get the parts I needed to complement the branches, hence I call the hack ”Fors(-å) of Nature”…Check out the tutorial to make some of your own – enjoy!

Step 1 – Gather some scrap branches

Step 2 – Preparation

Hack ingredients – Scrap branches; IKEA Forså lamp or any other desk lamp with a arm that can be detached from its base; Wood Sealer+paint; Lamp lead; A 4mm wide/6cm long slotted screw; Something really heavy to use as a base; Some rope

Hack tools – Saw; Drill; Paint brushes

Step 3 – Sawing & drilling

Make some clean branch cuts with the saw, then drill a hole where you want to stick the detached lamp ”arm” of the IKEA Forså lamp . For a neat fit – do make sure the diameter of the drill matches the diameter of the tip of the lamp.

Step 4 – Wood Sealer

Apply a coat of wood sealer to the branch cuts to avoid leaky stains through the paint. Leave to dry.

Step 5 – Yay, Painting!

Paint the branches in whatever color you like. I painted one white and the other a bright yellow.

Step 6 – Putting the pieces together

Drill a hole into the bottom of the branch you want to fit to the IKEA Forså base. Screw the screw into the hole. Leave a 2 cm outer tip that will go into the slot of the IKEA Forså lamp base.

Step 7 – Some last tweaks…

New ”lamp arm” for the IKEA Forså base – I used a basic lamp lead for  branch that was mounted to the IKEA Forså base. I simply let it hang from the branch, as the the shape of the branch naturally had a arm-like quality.

New base for the IKEA Forså ”lamp arm” – The ”something heavy” in my hack consisted of a concrete cylinder I´d found at construction site. The ”rope” I used was synthetic leather strap I got at my local hardwear store. I tied the branch to the cylinder with using the strap. The stability was surprisingly ok, but guess I got lucky with the balance of my branch. Further stability can be added by reinforcing the ”rope” construction.

Step 8 – Enjoy the results!

The ”Fors(-å) of Nature” hack uses one IKEA Forså lamp to create two new lamps by using scrap branches. In dividing the two parts of the IKEA Forså lamp, the lamp arm from the lamp base, the hack consisted in finding a new set of lamp+base pairs. This is what I came up with, but I´m sure more IKEA Forså-hacks are just waiting to be discovered as basically any material can be used as a ”lamp base”, and basically anything can be used as a ”lamp arm” supporting a simple lamp lead that can be found in hard wear stores anywhere.

Here are some pics of the final results:

Hope you got inspired to make a ”Fors(-å) of Nature” of your own – Good Luck Hacking!


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