Ice Cream D.I.Y ideas

”I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  Could one ever get enough of ice cream? Not me! Today’s post celebrates Ice cream by gathering a bunch of hacky ideas from crafty corners of the DIY blogosphere. So, ready..set…go, time to let that sweet tooth indulge in some delicicous D.I.Y – Enjoy! DIY […]

Pimp an old tee

With temperatures rising so is the annual epidemic of fashion fever, making many of us feverishly hit the high street (although our wardrobes are already stuffed full…). This post celebrates the power of re-invention of a wardrobe staple – old t-shirts. Infusing and old tee with some contemporary style means that fashion quick fix is […]

New life for ladders

Ladders are versatile structures that can be tweaked into pretty much anything…Suspend them from the ceiling, hang them on the wall or let them stand naturally tall…then add a pinch of creativity to score amazing new functionality and style in an instant! Here’s a selection of 10+ hacky ideas to get those DIY juices flowing…Enjoy! […]

Pillowcase Pimpin’ D.I.Y

Big stashes of bed linen are impractical, yet often we hang onto old sets for the love of a great print or a great memory…This post features ideas on how to inject new life into old pillowcases, instead of having them lurking around in a dark corner of the closet. If you happen to be […]

Funky Chunky D.I.Y

Tiimb-eerr! As old houses are continuously being remodeled, rebuilt or torn down there’s a constant influx of old chunky beams to salvage, some are probably lying around waiting round the corner from where you live! Hacking and remaking the leftovers from old buildings not only has tons of environmental benefits (less transports, reducing landfill impact […]

Monogram Monday

It’s Monogram Monday! Playing with typography and various techniques is an easy and fun way to add new contemporary luster to whatever you feel the need to reinvent. Why not grab a vintage sheet to make monogrammed napkins or draw monograms onto plain white mugs to score instant DIY dash? There are lots of monogram […]

Mothers Day D.I.Y

Sunday marks the celebration of Mothers Day in many parts of the world! Needless to say, mums sure deserve gifts and adoration any day of the year, but now’s really the chance to feel inspired and express your love. This post features doable D.I.Y round-up for that little effort to celebrate all those very special […]

Teacups revisited

Old tea & coffee cups are a thrift store staple. Yet, there are only so many cups you need for your everyday tea drinking. Good then, that the D.I.Y blogosphere is sprawling with hacky ideas on how to inject new life into the un-loved teacups of the world. This post taps into that pool of […]

Diamonds are wherever

They say diamonds are forever, I say diamonds are…wherever. Taking the ’Diamonds are wherever’ mantra to heart, you’ll find that a dash of sparkly D.I.Y TLC could be just as appreciated as the real bling thing. To help you on your way, I’ve dug out a bunch of awesome ideas & tutorials from the DI(Y)amond […]

D.I.Y Rope Hacks

The applications of D.I.Y projects with rope are infinite, so i found limiting the number of DIY ideas for this post super tricky (i’ve been pinning them like crazy too, so visit my D.I.Y Dreams board for more ideas). I ended up with 10 ideas to which you can easily add tweaks and details to […]

New Life for Old Doors

An old door is a sturdy piece of material that can easily be revamped into pretty much anything: add table legs and you’ve got a dining table; add some castor wheels and you’ve got a coffee table, place doors behind your bed to create a headboard in an instant! This post features a whole range […]

D.I.Y Dresser Dress-up

Storage in our homes is often a challenge…and finding storage options that are both practical and personal even more so! Old dressers and chests are abundant in attics and thrift stores, but more than often dingy and uninspired…This post features 15 doable D.I.Y ideas & tutorials on the crafty tricks that will dress up any […]

Duct Tape Delight

Stick to your D.I.Y dreams and make them a reality! Today’s post is a tribute to sticky Duct Tape and to all the crafty dreamers out there, serving you a virtual smorgasbord of hacky Duct Tape D.I.Y ideas that will amaze and inspire you. I picked 10 ideas that I know got my hacker juices […]

D.I.Y Button Bling

More D.I.Y dash than cash! Bold Button D.I.Y Bling adds instant attitude to an outfit and makes great gifts for friends too! Today’s post features a selection of awesome Button D.I.Y Bling projects (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings…) spotted around the D.I.Y Blogosphere. Hope you’ll find a little something in the mix that gets your D.I.Y […]

Pimp your Sneakers!

Pimp your sneakers! Get crafty and create your own personalized expression inspired by this Top 10 pick of awesome DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Sneakers, brought to you by from crafty corners of the DIY Blogosphere. Embark on a voyage of DIY discovery of studs, polka dot, super sparkly bling, chevron and budget versions of […]

D.I.Y Chevron & Wood

The trend for graphic chevron is still going strong! Hacky D.I.Y adaptations are all over the web, covering anything & everything from painted rugs to upcycled furniture. I’ve previously featured a round-up of DIY Chevron Ideas as well as a post full of ’Half-painted DIY’, with some chevron thrown into the mix. For this post […]

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