Hack Ideas @ Guggenheim

There´s more to NYC´s Guggenheim than its pretty face (the fantastical shell like structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). The lightfilled interior, with the swirling movement layout, currently exhibits a intriguing installation by art world bad-boy Maurizio Cattelan. From my own ScrapHacking point of view, this installation truly shows the successful fusion of scrap and […]

Beading Instinct

The craft of beading has been around in all ages and in all places…Actually, using beads to create patterned objects through the meditative practices of beading appear near instinctual. The roots are most likely to be found in the urge for adornment, stemming from the the very simple driving force of human vanity. Wonderful pieces […]

Power of making @ V&A

”The power of making is a celebration of the empowering nature of making and the human instinct to create.” Walking into the exhibition Power of Making @ the V&A museum yesterday was like walking into my own head…Just like I am – along with a lot of you people reading this post  – the exhibition […]

All strings attached

Yesterday I passed by the H&M Knightsbridge (London) location…Even though I was in a rush to go somewhere, my curiosity made me enter the store – I simply couldn´t resist the visual temptation of the stunning ”string sculptures” hanging from the high-rised ceiling. The structures are all made from differently sized, square metal X-shaped frames […]

Home-Made revisited

In these micro-woven take-away times, the silent witnesses of the home-made, by-gone era often end up in masses in thrift shops and at the salvage yard… Old brioche tins, pie dishes and enamel colanders are easy to find…and easy to re-make. Let these great examples from fab scrap hacking Etsy vendor Flea Market Rx (by […]

Copper Your Cup of Tea?

The Ultra conductuve Table by Paul Loebach

Got some copper pipe, some nylon zips, some tempered glass and a lot of patience? If so, I think you should give this cool hack ”The Ultra Conductive Table” a go! The design is by Brooklyn-based Paul Loebach, who successfully combines his ScrapHacker´ eye for potential with the skill to act on it… This side […]

Scribbling with Scrap

Anthropologie Window Display

Feast your eyes to these pieces of eye candy – details from a window display of the Anthropologie Store @ Chelsea Market, NYC. The scrap wood collage is made from various pieces of spline all matched together with mating 45° cut edges to form a tight and contained effect. Acheiving that kind of precision might […]

Top-10 Log Hack ideas

Log Stools by Pfeifer Studio

Lets go back to basics people…Where better to start than with the basic log? Logs are pretty much as basic as it gets, and they´re universally recognizable due what is practically a worldwide supply…As material for building, they´ve been around forever..making modern plastics and composites look like temporary fads…The accessibility and the basic, solid features […]

Fresh from the Scrap Lab

Orange rubber chair seen @ Scrap Lab

Got some old plastic tubes, or perhaps some old denim? Some ideas on how to make better use of them were seen @ the Scrap Lab Website. The denim chair is clever in a multitude of ways, firstly, being made of discarded denim ticks one box…Secondly, the denim seat is detachable denim and can be […]

Enlightened creativity

I´ve previously shared ideas seen at the Wes Bennett Etsy store, like the great upcycled gym room lockers…This is yet another of his great hacks – a chalkboard lamp which creates a great unexpected medium for creative expression…As always, every detail of Wes´ creation is cleverly hacked…The lamps are made from large, up-cycled planter pots […]

Top-15 Pallet Sofa Ideas

I find it really fascinating that something as standardized as a shipping pallet can rock so many varying looks simply depending on the finishing touches! Whatever your style preferences, rest assured – you can create a pallet sofa to suit your very own aesthetic and functional needs. If you´re feeling a D.I.Y urge, check out […]

Buckle up your books

This is a versatile D.I.Y idea and a way to make use of books that you´re not reading anyway…. All you need 1.) a top and a bottom plate with 2 centered slots through which 2.) a strap can be thread to wrap the base consisting of a pile of books. Lastly, you will need […]

Super Rupert

Rupert Blanchard Side Table

In a previous post I crowned Piet Hein Eek the King of upcycling…Being firm believer in upcycling and the need for more ScrapHacking action out there…I am happy to announce that there is a rival to that crown! Briton Rupert Blanchard, who just recently won the ”Best Product Design Award” in the British Design Awards, […]

Favela chic

The über-talented Brazilian Campana brothers (Humberto and Fernando) created this spectacular, sculptural bookshelf from reclaimed pieces of scrap wood. The contained messyness provides a stunning contrast to your average bookshelf…and makes it a perfect complement to the tidy urban home in need for some edge… The scrap-wood piece is inspired by a previous creation, The […]

Life (is) in the shade

AYO by Ryan Frank

You´ve gotta love the this recent project by Ryan Frank… cause it´s goddam great! AYO – or ”Add Your Own” – invites us all to play and collaborate (and who doesn´t want that?). The idea is to sell lights without lampshades, and encourage users to re-cycle locally! The A(dd)Y(our)O(wn) lighting range gives everyone the chance […]

Brilliant Plumbing

Pipe Shelves by Stella Bleu Designs

Tubes and pipes are super-versatile hacking material…Add some crafty ingenuity on top of that fact and you get the awesome creations of Etsy vendor Stella Bleu Designs! The quirky cool assortment features various pipe shelves and chandelier with built in lighting, all with that industrial, honest grit…Let this great hack inspire some pipe hacks of […]


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