Freckin´ smart Freitag

The success story of the now iconic Freitag brand started with a realization of the potential value of scrap. Biking around Zürich, two brothers, Markus and Daniel Freitag, identified a problem in need of a solution: they needed a handy messenger bag that would endure the varied weather conditions of Switzerland… Living in an apartment […]

Top-5 Downhill Upcycling

So winter´s coming…In the white winters of the Northern hemisphere, this means it´s time for skiing, ice-skating and other fun stuff. But, it so happens that for doing all this fun stuff, you really need well, a lot of stuff. And, as innovation, especially of ski making, is progressing every year, countless pairs of skis […]

The Magic of Macramé

Knots, knitting, crochet & macrame are a bundle of ancient techniques all creating repetitive structures from jointing thread or rope. For some DIY inspiration check out the macrame supplies retailer KingsKountry website or simply do some Googling! What so neat about these techniques is that is opens up for material re-use as the thread or […]

D.I.Y Pet Bottle Purse

This is a really great D.I.Y Christmas gift idea! The PET Bottle Purse can fill many everyday needs and consists of PET bottle cut-offs and a zipper…The product was designed by Zitta Schnitt back in 2004. Her website features a great D.I.Y step-by-step tutorial (available for download – here), guiding illustrations from her tutorial is […]

Step up your game

This idea has great D.I.Y potential should you be so lucky to have a home with some kind of stairway…Climbing stairs is often a bore…Could flirty, encouraging words make it less boring? Concept store Opening Ceremony gives the latter strategy a try, and has clad a crimson red stairway with flirty opening lines, making climbing […]

Ctrl+Alt Create

Artist Sarah Frost creates found object and found form sculpture. Her Qwerty Sculptures consist of thousands (and thousands…) of keys from old qwerty keyboards…It´s a multifaceted ScrapHack, filled with any kind of meaning you want it to be. Sarah´s Qwerty work travels the world, a permanent installation can be found @ The James hotel in […]

Back off people

I smell D.I.Y potential…Seen here is a great way to make use of a set of odd chairs…A large part of the chair is reused, yet with a result so different from the orignal pieces – this is one clever ScrapHack! The benches are made by Brooklyn based ”31 and Change”, they make a lot […]

D.I.Y ideas @ Derelict

Estonian furniture makers/brand Derelict makes these cool pieces from reclaimed wood. Combining the old, salvaged material with new, crisp and clever design makes them a great ScrapHacker role model…Let the pieces inspire some D.I.Y action of your own. To read more about Derelict, head to their Facebook Fan Page here. All pics featured here are […]

You got that write

Anthropologie has always had a knack for discovering cool new furniture design with a upcycling twist. Right now on show @ the Chelsea Market location is a set of furniture by designer/artist Draga Obradovic. Her designs often include writing on upholstered furniture (this idea was also spotted @ upcycling company Terracycle´s HQ interior). My Obradovic […]

Flipside of Flip Flops

It might not have occurred to you that old flip flops is part of a environmental problem…But actually, thousands of discarded flip-flops wash up on the African shorelines, burdening the natural eco system. Discarded flip flops disturb the eco-system in various ways: they spoil the natural beauty of the beaches, threy are mistakenly swallowed by […]

Top 15 Pallet Bed Hacks

In the ScrapHacker blog i´ve previously featured tons of D.I.Y pallet furniture ideas, including Top 10 pallet Coffee Table Ideas, Pallet Coffee Table D.I.Y instructions, Top 15 Pallet Sofa Ideas, D.I.Y instructions for a Pallet Sofa Bed, D.I.Y Pallet Dining Tables…In order to make the palette of pallet home ideas complete, I figured I should […]

Fierce Favela Painting

If I had to select my favorite ScrapHack of all times, the Favela Painting Project by Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn (as a team also known as Haas&Hahn) would be it – it´s simple, heart-warming and hands-on. The fantastic project aims at transforming Rio´s slum ”favelas” into a works of art, boosting the confidence, and […]

ScrapCycling mecca @Terracycle HQ

Being a fan of both great business models and of great design, I feel all fuzzy and warm inside when thinking about Terracycle, also known as the company started by ”that worm poop guy”. The real name of ”that worm poop guy” is Tom Szaky. Szaky and buddy Jon Beyer started the Terracycle venture back […]

D.I.Y haven @ EtsyLabs

EtsyLabs, a part of Etsy´s HQ space in Brooklyn’s Dumbo, hosts regular craft and inspiration nights. Participants are asked to register online, and are welcome to the labs free of charge. As a guest you´re given access to a creative haven with an excitingly broad range of materials and tools… The mix of people is […]

(Meat-)Balls of steel

I went to the Meat Ball Shop in Williamsburg the other day. The place is full of scrappy chic looks and hack inspiration as well as great food…My favorite hack are the vintage kitchen utensils hung on the wall by the entrance. Against the white wall background they appear as cooler than cool sculptures. The […]

Outside the box @ MoMa

The wonderful ”You Can´t Lay Down your Memory” chest of drawers is made out of 20 odd salvaged drawers and held together by a simple buckled canvas strap. I made the acquaintance of the genius hack at MoMa´s design exhibition on the 3rd floor. The design is by Tejo Remy for Droog and feels more […]

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