I ♡ Clothespin Art

Seeing overlooked everyday items turned into something cool and beautiful fills me with hacker joy. The ’Peg Carpet’ creations by Dutch studio ’WeMakeCarpets’ does exactly that…and more. The tactile, intricate pieces, commissioned by the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands, stick out with their graphic argyle pattern made entirely out of clothespins, mimicking the […]

DIY Plate Wall Ideas

Plates are a dime a dozen in thrift stores which creates excellent upcycling potential. One awesome way to let them shine anew is to create a plate wall. Grouped together plates create a lot of sculptural drama, adding an edgy focal point in any room of your home. However, you don’t want to throw up […]

DIY Upside Down Planters

Sometimes a tiny tweak from a designer presents a giant leap for the design thinking of mankind…Oki, so ’a giant leap’ might be stretching it, but I really think the twisted logic of design hit ’Sky Planter’ from Boskke is a great example of simple, yet startling design (ps. did you know Boskke is derived […]

Knitty Gritty Lamps

Give your home a warm & fuzzy feel with a little help from these knitted lamp ideas. There should be a little something for everyone in this Top-10 pick of mine – Enjoy! Cable Knits via ChairToSpare.com via Stickklubben.blogspot.com Experimental The ’Matt’ lamp by Ilot Ilov (via ReadyMade) Snug wool fit The ’Grandma Lamp’ by […]

D.I.Y Cutlery Upcycling

In drawers, attics and thrift stores of the world, stacks of cutlery just keep piling up. Although we might on occasion appreciate antique cutlery, most of us stick to our everyday IKEA sets, leaving inherited sets or thrift finds all packed up. This fact made me search for reuse ideas, and my gosh, there are […]

Inspired by Yves Klein

A splash of energetic Klein blue shade adds instant wow-factor to practically anything. Artist Yves Klein (1928-1962) used the bold hue throughout his career (and also patented it as his own ”International Klein Blue” with Hex code #002FA7). You might have seen his sponge paintings, or some of the more sensual body paintings. In 1961 […]

Chunky Chic

Judith Seng is a German artist/designer whose pieces makes me all giddy…She combines the chunkyness of brute wood with the gleam of high-gloss paint, creating her signature crisp & hacky aesthetic. The ”Trift” series (2009) consists of raw wooden blocks seemingly dipped in gradient shades in a perfectly muted palette. But Seng is no one-trick-pony, […]

D.I.Y Chalkboard ideas

So yeah…I know this ain´t exactly new. But somehow, I can’t seem to tire of chalkboard paint and it’s multitude of creative applications. Although covering entire walls is pretty awesome, one of my personal favorite hack ideas is that of taking an old empty frame and add a chalkboard centre, either of basic cardboard or […]

Tissue Paper D.I.Y lantern

Now ain´t this pretty? Spotted this awesome D.I.Y hack idea over at Martha Stewart. Best part of it is…that it´s a super easy D.I.Y project, all you need is a basic lantern, tissue petal-like paper cut-outs, some scissors and double sided tape. The fact that IKEA´s ”Regolit” lantern is priced at only $5, gives this […]

Wheelbarrow Hack´n´roll

Can´t believe we haven´t seen more of these, I mean a wheelbarrow bench – that´s just genius! Pic by Flickr user kim.rossi Why so cool? Well, it enables you to move around the heavy bench on your own, ensuring you your place in the sun, or in the shade for that matter. Making a wheelbarrow […]

Genius in a Bottle

This hack from blog CreativeJewishMom is simple yet stunning. It makes use of common old beer & wine bottles – a waste staple everywhere… The graphic bottle hack idea shows that some spray paint & geometric pattern easily morphs them from drab to fab. The magic transformation is acheived by 1.) simply removing labels, spray […]

Hula Hoop D.I.Y rug

A hula hoop ring, some old yarn (or old tees!) & some finger knitting action is all you need to make a rug! Anne of crafts blog Flax&Twine made a great hula hoop rug inspired by a recycled tee hula hoop project she spotted at the Disney Family Fun site (see pic below) Anne wrote […]

@ Liza Sherman, N.Y.C

”I love giving things a second chance in life” says Liza Sherman, owner of Liza Sherman Antiques – a treasure trove and scrap hacker haven on Bedford Avenue of N.Y.C´s West village… Sherman combines her scrap hacker vision with great artistic style –  items for sale in the shop include Belgian mining carts converted into […]

Hacking in the Rain

Seeing a lampshade like the one above, It strikes me as odd that umbrella lamp shade hacks are so rare – is superstition preventing us from seeing the obvious? Did some browsing and found a couple of other examples where umbrellas have been hacked in various ways – enjoy! Double up Steely Grey Great look […]

Fors(-å) of nature

During a walk the other day I grabbed a few branches from a pile, thinking I wanted to make something out of them…and back home, a couple of hours later, I found myself the happy maker of 2 brand new branch lamps. I hacked an IKEA Forså Lamp work lamp to get the parts I […]

Hacky Racquets

Beautiful vintage wooden tennis & badminton racquets are a common sight in thrift stores and markets – perhaps you´ve got one or two stashed away in the attic somewhere? They´re decorative as they are, yet, some hacking could give them some new relevance in the contemporary home…This is what you tend to see in markets: […]


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