Half-painted DIY Hacks

Graphic Black/White and natural exposed surfaces of wood and leather has been a coveted combo for a while. ”Half-painting” stripes, triangles and chevron pattern is a doable DIY adaptation of the trend, just paint whatever you’ve got lying around! Adhesive tape is the ”hero” of the hack, as it allows you to create pattern easily […]

Party Shoe D.I.Y – 11 Ideas

Spring is the time of re-invention, of ourselves, of our wardrobes and of our dreams. This post features 11 awesome Party Shoe DIY ideas from the blogosphere that will re-invent and inject instant Wow! into old un-loved shoes. The hacks are sure to leave both you and your shoes sparkly & reinvigorated, ready to dance […]

Upcycle Shutters – 10 ideas

Open your eyes to the possibilities of upcycling old shutters into new awesome creations. I’ve gathered a pick of 10 inspiring and doable DIY projects (most with link to DIY tutorials) to show you there’s no need to shut the door to shutter futures anywhere. Hope the ideas will inspire some scrap hacking action! Shutter […]

Inspired by Sequin Graffiti

Delicate sequin detail in a rugged urban environment has instant surprising wow-factor to it, that’s why it might not come as a big surprise that the work by Danish/Czech artist Theresa Himmer is being pinned like crazy over on Pinterest. Himmer lived in Iceland between 2005-2009, and Reykjavík is the venue of her awesome ’street arty’ […]

Chevron D.I.Y – 10 ideas

Charming Chevron has been a dear DIY favorite for a while now, so project browsing the web and Pinterest could easily become a month long enterprise…To get you started on your own hacks ASAP I’ve gathered my Top 10 picks of Chevron DIY awesomeness from blogosphere – enjoy! Ps. You might get slightly dizzy from […]

D.I.Y Embroidery on Wood

Who said embroidery has to be a textile affair? These three hacky ’DIY Embroidery on wood’ ideas show that embroidery on wood is an equally awesome idea. Blogger & Etsy vendor Curious Doodles makes DIY kits for embroidery on wood, such as these brooches below (they have a glued-on pin on the back). Her designs […]

D.I.Y Chair Bench

Odd chairs are a dime a dozen, add the thousands (and thousands…) of chairs every year discarded due to broken seats and you’ve got yourself a mountain of scrap chairs to hack. One excellent idea is converting the scrap chairs into sculptural ’chair benches’. What you do, basically, is evident from the pictures below. You […]

Splatter Paint D.I.Y ideas

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and let some DIY ideas inspire hacking action! The legendary artist and his action painting technique provides a creative vision and a DIY friendly idea on how to transform an old pair of shoes, an old cupboard or a leather chair from basic to boldly beautiful in no time. Here’s […]

Neon Renewal – 5 D.I.Y ideas

Let a dash of D.I.Y neon spruce up your spring. I’ve gathered 5 doable examples to inspire some neon renewal and revamping of an old pair of shoes, a clutch, a purse, some glass bottles and your hallway mirror. Link to tutorials under each pic – Enjoy! D.I.Y Nail polish Painted Neon Sole High Heels […]

Tripod Lamps – 3 D.I.Y Ideas

Sculptural (and pricey) designer tripod lamps have been around for a while. Thanks to a couple of hacky D.I.Y bloggers you can create fancy looking tripod lamp in no time at all (and at a fraction of the price). This post features inspiration and 3 stylish D.I.Y hacks which will most definitely get your hacker […]

D.I.Y – Painted Stones

Rocks and stone are, literally, the building blocks of our civilization. Their solid nature means they’re perfect for building robust things. Yet, in being solid, they don’t exactly open up for hacking – no basic hand-held tools can change their properties. The fact that stones are abundant in backyards, on beaches, in forests and just […]

Cork hacks – 6 D.I.Y ideas

Weekend’s coming up, and perhaps some festivities along with it. Parties are awesome, but cleaning up after them can be a bore. Sneaking in some D.I.Y into the mix will make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Corks are awesome raw material for hacking, so I gathered 6 easy DIY ideas on how to un-cork […]

Washi Tape – 10 D.I.Y ideas

Explore your visual universe using Washi Tape. The genius ’papery’ tape allows for instant creative expression, up your walls, on your floors, onto practically anything. I’ve gathered 10 D.I.Y friendly Washi Tape ideas to inspire some D.I.Y action – Enjoy! Washi Tape Tree Via ApartmentTherapy   ” Washi comes from ’wa’ meaning Japanese and ’shi’ […]

D.I.Y Collars – 10 ideas

Today is International Womens Day…today is also the day of the H&M and Marni designer collaboration global launch. I say celebrate girl power and Marni by letting the collection inspire some D.I.Y action. There are lots of goodies among the Marni pieces, a personal favorite is the Sequin Peter Pan collar… It so happens that […]

Inspired by Chris Bettig

Christopher Bettig is a U.S based French multi-disciplinary designer whose work I love. Always with raw edge and buckets of punky attitude, his pieces still come out in awesomely sleek executions. He’s done a series of eye-catching spiky wood installations featured at retailers like J.Crew and San Fransisco based CandyStore Collective. You’re also likely to […]

Dot-ify your life – 5 Ideas

I´m a huge fan of polka dots – always have been, always will be. In my mind, the graphic black & white duo goes with anything, anytime…I’ve gathered a bunch of ideas (and links to awesome tutorials) on how dot-ify and reinvigorate whatever you’ve got lying around the house…Hope these tips will inspire some hacking […]


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