A load of logs…

The visual merchandisers @ Urban Outfitters are a creative breed indeed! This Logpile shelf, spotted in the flagship store @ 5th Ave/E 43rd St is one of many strong in-store design ideas. The D.I.Y potential is fairly obvious, what you would need is: 1. Wooden log cutoffs in varying lengths – maybe you have some […]


Chloé Alberry on Portobello Road is a great shop for scrappy chic ideas. The shop features a wider than wide assortment of door knobs, handles and bar pulls. The ones featured in the picture below has great D.I.Y potential! If you study the photo you will realize that the basic stuff you would need is […]

Match made in Heaven

A lovely matchbox wall sculpture caught my eye outside of the changing cabins at Anthropologie London Regent Street store! The hack is straightforward – vintage matchboxes were fastened onto the wall and along a grid of penciled lines that were left visible. The effect is a floating, 3D sculpture rich with meaning, association and stories! […]

Scrabble Revisited

D.I.Y – Scrabble Magnets inspired by Anthropologie Basic, simple idea I saw at Anthropologie in London – Scrabble tiles are reborn into a life as magnets. What you need for the Scrabble Magnet D.I.Y: 1. Buy an old set of Scrabble in a yard sale alternatively, find one in your attic, or use the one […]

Sharp @ Showraum

Showraum in Berlin is a fantastic ”hack” studio and shop. Patrick and Regitze Kerti started the studio which features tons of great stuff made of found and recycled materials. The cupboard below is restored from West Germany of the late 50s. The graphic is one of Regitze Kerti`s architectural illustrations, hand painted in black and […]

Rocking Amputees…

I recently had the pleasure of stumbling across the And Dots bubble tea bar in the up-and-coming Reuterkiez neighborhood in Berlin. The And Dots Bubble Tea bar is full of creative spirit and features amputee chairs, D.I.Y rocking chairs, a ”Give Box” (in which you can drop things you no longer want and grab something […]

Mad Mag Lamp

This is yet another example of the abundance of brilliant ideas @ the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. A steel wire frame has been covered in old book and magazine covers. Strings have been added afterwords, and small colorful colibri reside on top of it. You can D.I.Y by stripping an old lamp shade or by […]

D.I.Y Fringed Pendant Lamp

Michelberger Hotel in Berlin is a ScrapHacker´s haven, mecca – Wonderland…Ingenuity, style and humor are all important components in the eclectic and lovely Scrappy Chic Decor – needless to say – I´m a big fan! Lighting and fixtures are all special and original, and all hacked, in one way of the other. I´ll feed you […]

Hey There @ Hello Etsy Berlin

The first day of Hello Etsy Berlin -a conference hosted by online crafts market Etsy– was feverishly electric with anticipation and excitement. Once the site for actual production of electricity, the converted plant of eWerk seemed the more-than-perfect backdrop for dreams of crafting craft success stories. A great line-up of interesting topics, engaging speakers and […]

When Granny met Goth

On the legendary weekly markets, London´s Portobello Road features a buzz of crafty makers and exciting ideas. Something that caught my eye in particular (when I browsed the stalls there this August) was the upcycled ceramics by Melody Rosemeare and brand Melody Rose. Melody reinvents and repurposes the old floral ceramics by adding crisp, and […]

D.I.Y Octopus Chandelier

Saw this easily hacked idea in a store, I call it the octopus chandelier.  The retail price of this statement piece was about $2500/₤1600. I am thinking you could make it yourself for about 10% of that. As you can see there´s a total of 16 lamps connected to a central ring. As this type […]

D.I.Y PatchWork Art

I saw this idea for a some DIY patchwork art at a interiors store in Stockholm. Besides great colors, what stood out is the illusion of depth. The patches are simply colored paper cut-outs. A layered effect is acheived by differentiating the space between the patches and the back board by mounting some of the […]

Bin There – Done that?

I saw these fabulous waste baskets at the NDD Space in NYC. The modern day plastic standard is hacked by traditional rattan, the result is a product in which both components get to shine in the respective qualities. The baskets are by Areaware, a design venture which for me stick out from the crowd. They […]

Mind the gap

I saw this cool and understandable room divider solution at the restaurant of the Ships & Trades Inn of Chatham (England) this summer. The room divider, resting on a steel frame with a net of overlapping wooden slabs, creates a great effect. It divides the large space and creates a private ambiance for the table. […]

Barricade Hack No 2

This hack, was seen in Spanish Harlem and featured by Miss Heather on the great NewYorkShitty Blog. Seems the N.Y.P.D barricade set is quite the versatile hack material. The super cool ingenuity of hack, in which support from a fence is part of the design, was the idea of the gentleman to the right in […]

Barricade Hack No 1

This N.Y.P.D blue barricade table was seen at a restaurant on 1st Avenue. I am thinking many of you out there would like to make your own…However, this hack seems a bit tricky to come by, I´m guessing the many police officers patroling the streets of Manhattan wouldn´t be ok with you taking their stuff […]


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