Cute cool stool

This cute stool was spotted in association to a M.Margiela Home display in Stockholm department store Nordiska Kompaniet. It captures the essence of scraphacking, with its basic, almost crude, design and its sloppy inspired piant job – do note the dripping paint, left ”uncensored”… All you need for some D.I.Y is to study the construction […]

Inspired @ 4cycle

Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying a friend to the ”opening ceremony” of the Åsogatan (Stockholm) offices of company 4cycle. 4cycle has a great ScrapHacker mindset and a even greater ScrapHacker business idea, they offer a practical toolbox of creative solutions for waste management…Little wonder a ScrapHacker like me found this company very intriguing…Little […]

Sweet Green Dreams…

The Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin´s Kreutzberg area is a dynamic concept in so many ways…As the garden is situated on a plot which is only ”borrowed”, all vegitation resides in flexible pallets. Hence, should the plan for the plot change, so can the plan for the garden…The garden produces 60 kinds of potato, and serves as […]

Pretty in pink…

This sculptural pile of logs, coated pink paint, was spotted at a Hilfiger pop-up in NYC. The idea is fun and simple, all you need for some D.I.Y action are some logs… …and some paint in a shade of your choice… …Have fun ScrapHacking!

Put a cork in it…

I saw some innovative and sculptural ideas on how to use old corks in a great window display of a Anthropologie store…I made me do some research. Did you know that cork has been used as bottle stoppers for more than 400 years? It is argued to be the best suited material to use as […]

A clockwork D.I.Y

The Etsy shop Woodstock Clocks features tons of inspiration on cool ideas for some D.I.Y action! Their products show that all you really need is some imagination, a movement and some clock hands. The price range of the shop is very humble, so if you don´t feel like making a clock yourself – opt for […]

Scrappy Chic @ Pianos

Pianos restaurant and bar @ 158 Ludlow Street (at Stanton St) is not only the a great nighttime venue for concerts and drinks – it´s also worth a visit due to an abundance of scrappy chic and quirky cool style… The nighttime morph into a bustling live music venue (photos from Visit Pianos online […]

Yearning for Yarn…

This cute low bench has a seat that´s made out of pleated yarn, and it made me instantly yearn a visit to the yarn shop…In order to make it your self you need to find a stool or bench with a loose seat (remove the seat to expose the naked frame), then get some yarn […]


Automobiles are an integral part of the modern history of the Western world…Yet, although there may be some hardcore enthusiasts out there, most of us aren´t interested in cars that have lost their original function…This re-purposed Ford Truck Grill was spotted at the Williamsburg waterfront Flea. It reminds us of another era and shows a […]

Radiant Radiators…

This up-cycled radiator chair was spotted @ Anthropologie´s NYC Rockefeller store. A great whack hack! Although my metal working skills aren´t great, I can see the D.I.Y potential for someone with better skills and knowledge…Old style radiators can be found in local junk salvation yards – I found an example from – see below: […]

Scrap lookalike

Won Hundred -the Danish brand, started by Nikolaj Nielsen- has a great looking shop-in-shop @ Copenhagens Illum Department store. Elegant wood display units made of long cubical hollow boxes, provides practical storage and makes a sculptural statement. The same day I visited the store, I also passed by some street scrap wood in the street…Having […]

Bright Blocks @ Babel

Babel Fair of NYC´s Elizabeth Street is packed with cool clothes and creative ideas. One that caught my ScrapHacker eyes in particular is the smart, new up-cycled and re-purposed usage of concrete hollow blocks (normally used in wall and foundation constructions, see picture below – the picture of the concrete blocks below is from […]

Liquorice Pallets

I´m hooked on pallets – unless you hadn´t noticed…I always go for white highgloss finish, yet somehow, opposites attract! And I guess sometimes a layer of glossy black paint is all you need! These sleek and liquorice like pallets were used as benches outside a great store in Berlins Torstraße called Superficial. Superficial features many […]

Blast from the past

Nacka Byggnadsvård specializes in stocking typical accessories and details in order for houses and appartments to stay true to the epoch it was built in. As a result, you will find anything from vintage door knobs to old original doors from the 1890´s and onward. They´re doing a great deed in maintaining an interest in […]

Trunk Tower

The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin is a great inspiration for all those clever, doable D.I.Y ideas! The Trunk Tower is a great focal point, the varying shades of muted greys, browns and greens and the varying sizes of the trunks create a stunning focal point in the reception. To D.I.Y you need to get ahold […]

Tired Tires No More

Brooklyn Industries is an industrious brand! Not only are their window sculptures eye-catching and intriguing – they also happen to be made of recycled inner tubes from truck tires! The attention grabbed by the B/W graphic sculptures are used to promote and spread knowledge on recycling practices. This is great win-win ScrapHack – Brooklyn Industries […]

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