Hue-moristic inspiration

For the record…This is not really a ScrapHack, but…this idea has great scraphack potential! This is the Gradient table by Paul Loebach (produced by Areaware). These are Loebachs own words describing his creation: Inspired by the contrast of rough construction techniques and the soft beauty of graduating hues of color, the gradient table uses four […]

Top-10 Pallet Coffee Tables

The best pallet coffee tables

Here´s a selection of some pretty neat pallet coffee table hacks I found on the web…To make your own one – follow my 7-step tutorial in the site! I painted my table white – let the pictures inspire some cool customizations – there is a pallet coffee table for every palate – How will you […]

Paper Couture…

Paper Letter Dress by Jennifer Collier

Paper artist Jennifer Collier is a clever scraphacker indeed…Her remarkable art is paper-based and created through various techniques like bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching…Let her vision inspire you! I produce unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are treated as if cloth, with the main technique employed […]

Ginette makes us giddy

I feel all giddy with inspiration from seeing these flouro-painted sticks by artist Ginette Lapalme… I guess all you need for some scraphack copycat-action are some branches and some paint…Of course, getting this great result is not to expect for all of us…Artistery like this is hard to mimic! The sticks feel like magical totems for […]

A scraphack tribute

This scraphack tribute to tech hacker Steve Jobs was made from a disassembled MacBook Pro by the Foundry research team @ Mint Digital. Hear their words about how they meticulously tore the laptop to pieces and hacked its parts into something quite different… Beyond the smooth sheen of its outer casing, lays one of the […]

Genius in a bottle

This genius hanging garden in the form of old plastic bottles, strung together and planted with flowers, spices and medicinal herbs, was designed by Brazilian design studio Rosenbaum. The vertical garden was part of TV show Caldeirao do Huck which help boost the quality of life of poor families. The PET bottle wall was part […]

ScrapHacks @ the office

The Pallet Office

Doesn´t this scraphacked pallet office make you look straight into the (sad) eyes of your boring office space? I find it really weird that offices in general are so boring, that they get so little love! It´s weird since we spend so much time at the work place and since we seem to have so […]

No frumpy stumps…

Don´t these clever ScrapHacked stools just make you want to smile? I adore the exciting combo of tree stump top and bright popping bases made from furniture and material found in the trash. The design is by Dave Cameron and Toby Hadden of UK-based studio &made, who set the goal to spark a dialogue about […]

A Souperb Idea Indeed

An awesome scraphack idea, no? I guess that had not Warhol made the Campbell soup can an icon, these ´Can Lights´ by Willem Heeffer for FUSE would perhaps not seem as retro chic…However, the Warhol legacy is one popcultural fact and the iconic graphic paired with a upcycling twist do make quite the couple. The […]

ScrapHacker Patriotism

Just like the faintest glimpse of a Volvo car in a foreign movie makes me all giddy with patriotic pride, I find that seeing Swedish stuff/people/anything featured in international magazines also unleashes a smug rush of through my Swedish veins…Add some scraphacking action (and a dash of yellow) on top of that and i´m  hooked… […]

Simply the Wes

Photographer, Furniture designer and Etsy vendor Wes Bennett is something of a ScrapHacker idol  – not only has this guy got amazing maker skills, he also has a fantastic eye & great taste (in my mind anyway!)…He works his magic out of a Albany (N.Y) studio, his style is industrial yet with a punch of […]

Pick Nic under the tree

The work of crafty furniture designer and ScrapHacker talent Nic Parnell makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Last weeks feature @ major eco site has hopefully achieved a well deserved boost to the career of this super talent. As with any great idea, it´s the simplicity that makes Nic´s stuff stick out from […]

Got 2000 beer crates?

Who´d had thought 2000 beer crates could morph into something as cool as this? The featured (temporary) structure is called the ´The BOXEL pavillion´ and was built as part of course in digital design @ Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design in Germany. The beer crates, supplied by a local brewery had, prior to […]

Pallets for the Kitchen

There are a lot of pallet lovers out there, and we´ve seen a lot of great pallet tables, chairs and sofas…Featured here are some great looking, clever applications for the kitchen to inspire your own hacks! Personally, I think the black pallet kitchen island is genius – 6 basic pallets, some screws and some matte […]

Enter the ScrapShack

The idea for the installation ”The Big Crunch” designed by Raumlabor and part of a summer architectural happening in Darmstadt, Germany, was to assemble a swarm of common scrap that had been cast away at a nearby dump. Items of civilization such as furniture, refrigerators, wooden items, scrap, timber, windows etc were all used to […]

Eine Bier(-garnitur) Bitte

A ´biergarnitur´ (”A beer set”) is a combination of a table and two benches. It´s very rare for any Berlin restaurant to have anything else than this type of set, how that is I don´t know – Perhaps regulation? Perhaps just German rationality? The tables and benches have folding metal legs, they´re manufactured as standard […]

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