Half-painted DIY Hacks

Graphic Black/White and natural exposed surfaces of wood and leather has been a coveted combo for a while. ”Half-painting” stripes, triangles and chevron pattern is a doable DIY adaptation of the trend, just paint whatever you’ve got lying around! Adhesive tape is the ”hero” of the hack, as it allows you to create pattern easily by swiping the paint brush over a pre-taped pattern. I’ve gathered a bunch of examples of ”half-painted” hacks from the blogoshpere to show you the versatility of the hack and to get you ready for some hacking action of your own!

Headboards by designer Ariele Alasko – More DIY Inspiration HERE!

DIY Crates by TheSecondLifeofMine – Link to Coca Cola Crates   / Link Stripy Log crate

DIY Painted Chevron Cuff from DelightedMomma – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!


Half Painted Neon Shoes

Via Here

DIY Painted Cork Pin Board by TheHappyHomeBlog – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!


DIY Glossy Neon Table Top

Via Here

DIY Painted Leather Bunting from TheSweetestOccasion – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!

DIY Chevron Stamp – Awesome DIY Tutorial HERE!

DIY Painted Tray & Coasters from CarnetParisiens – HERE!


Chair dipped in white paint

Via Here


Painted Table Top as art

Via IKEA Livet Hemma

Half Painted Stools



Party Shoe D.I.Y – 11 Ideas

Spring is the time of re-invention, of ourselves, of our wardrobes and of our dreams. This post features 11 awesome Party Shoe DIY ideas from the blogosphere that will re-invent and inject instant Wow! into old un-loved shoes. The hacks are sure to leave both you and your shoes sparkly & reinvigorated, ready to dance into Saturday nights full of that swirly joy only the pride of self-made can bring. Link to tutorials under each pic – Enjoy!

DIY Embellished Ankle Straps by Glitter’n’Glue, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Glittery Gold Shoes by Apair&ASpare, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Neon Yellow Shoes by CheapChicObsession – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!

DIY Caged Metallic Sandals by LoveMaegan, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Spiky High Heels via Instructables – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!

DIY Gold Ankle Boots by ApairAndAspare for HarpersBazaar, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Embellished Gold Sequin Shoes by LoveMaegan, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Neon Toe Shoes from GreenWeddingShoes, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

If you, like me, happen to live in a place where spring hasn’t quite arrived yet, why not give the Disco Wedges from DIY Couture a go?

DIY Disco Wedges from DIY-Couture, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

After a night of dancing you might want to slip into comfy flats, like these ones for example…

DIY Studded Ballet Slippers from OrangeJuiceETC, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Rainbow Glitter Shoes by SwellDesigner,  DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

Good Luck Hacking!

Upcycle Shutters – 10 ideas

Open your eyes to the possibilities of upcycling old shutters into new awesome creations. I’ve gathered a pick of 10 inspiring and doable DIY projects (most with link to DIY tutorials) to show you there’s no need to shut the door to shutter futures anywhere. Hope the ideas will inspire some scrap hacking action!

Shutter Wall

Via here

Olive & Love made the shutter wall in the pic below: DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

Via here

Shutter Coat Rack

Old shutters and some hooks is all it takes to make your own shutter coat rack:

Via here

Shutter Head Board

Blogger Whitney of ’Create Love Grow’ made the yellow head board in the pic below:

Via here
DIY Shutter Headboard like the one below, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!
Via Here

Shutter Bulletin Board

The Crafty Nest features a DIY  Shutter Bulletin TUTORIAL – HERE!

Via here

Shutter Store Window Decor

Shutter decor in Paul Smith SoHo Store Windows were snapped by The Elegant Thrifter

Via here

Shutter Wall Display

Blog ’From The Tortoise & The Hare’ features an awesome  step-by-step tutorial on how to make the pretty shutter display below,  DIY Shutter Wall Display Tutorial – HERE!

Via here

Shutter Sidetable

DIY Shutter SideTable from GoodHouseKeeping
DIY Shutter Side Table TUTORIAL – HERE!
Via here

Shutter Screen or Room Divider

Some high gloss paint in grey and black achieves a modern feel.

Via Here

Shutter Post Card Rack

The slotted design of shutter means they’re awesome for holding mail and post cards.

Via here

Shutter Clothes Rack

Three sturdy shutters and a rod could score you a shutter clothes rack like this one, could be a pretty solution to a practical storage problems in a hallway or a bedroom corner.

Via here
Hope the hack selection got your hacker juices flowing…
Now you know what to to the next time you stumble across a couple of old shutters…

Good Luck!

Inspired by Sequin Graffiti

Delicate sequin detail in a rugged urban environment has instant surprising wow-factor to it, that’s why it might not come as a big surprise that the work by Danish/Czech artist Theresa Himmer is being pinned like crazy over on Pinterest. Himmer lived in Iceland between 2005-2009, and Reykjavík is the venue of her awesome ’street arty’ sequin installations from 2006 and 2008. Today, Theresa is living in New York. Read more on her current projects and outlook on the art world in this great interview on Yatzer. Scroll down to let Theresa inspire you (….and let the DIY Sequin Wall Tutorial from OhHappyDay make you go all the way to some hacky DIY action! )

Theresa Himmer, ’Glacier #01’ (2008) – Reykjavík, Iceland / Photos by Gunnar Þór Nilsen

Theresa Himmer, ’Waterfall #01’ (2006) – Reykjavík, Iceland / Photos by Gunnar Þór Nilsen

You can see from the photos that Theresas sequins are nailed to some kind of board or sturdy fabric which has then been mounted to the facade.

Theresa Himmer, ’Volcano #01′ (2008) – Reykjavík, Iceland / Photos by Kristinn Magnusson

If you find Theresa Himmer’s work an inspiration and feel a sudden DIY itch yet don’t quite know how to pull it off, then head over to some doable DIY with the awesome sequin wall tutorial from OhHappyDayDIY Sequin Wall Tutorial – HERE!

More sequin wall inspiration

A Martin Margiela Store front, spotted in this article on ApartmentTherapy

The golden wall below is from the Erica Tanov store in Marin County, California (pic via here)

Good Luck Hacking!

Chevron D.I.Y – 10 ideas

Charming Chevron has been a dear DIY favorite for a while now, so project browsing the web and Pinterest could easily become a month long enterprise…To get you started on your own hacks ASAP I’ve gathered my Top 10 picks of Chevron DIY awesomeness from blogosphere – enjoy!

Ps. You might get slightly dizzy from all the pattern down here…

Visit Evie S website for more pasta DIY IdeasDesignSponge DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Chevron Tray from ChezLarsson DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

Chevron Moccasin DIY Tutorial from SincerelyKinsey – DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Friendship Bracelets from HonestlyWTF DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Gold Chevron Paintings by MakeUnderMyLife DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Chevron Tote from Candace Todd (aka ’Sparkle Power´) for GingiberSnapDIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Chevron Holga Camera from A Beautiful Mess – DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Chevron Rug from ’The House That Lars Built’ DIY TUTORIAL – HERE

DIY Drinking Straw Chevron Earrings

Awesome DIY blogger ’PS I Made This’ made chevron earrings out of drinking straws, so hacky!

DIY Tutorial – HERE!

D.I.Y Fabric Sample Chevron Clutch

Blogger ElleandIsh made an awesome pink chevron clutch out of a $1 Pierre Frey upholstery sample


Hope this pick got you ready for some hacking action!

Good Luck!

D.I.Y Embroidery on Wood

Who said embroidery has to be a textile affair? These three hacky ’DIY Embroidery on wood’ ideas show that embroidery on wood is an equally awesome idea. Blogger & Etsy vendor Curious Doodles makes DIY kits for embroidery on wood, such as these brooches below (they have a glued-on pin on the back). Her designs show how to set the holes to ensure you get the motif you want. My favorite is the geometric patterned versions…

Via Curious Doodles – Get DIY Kits in the Curious Doodles Etsy Shop

Hacky designer Monika Järg takes embroidery to a whole new (ground) level…

Pics via DesignSponge / Monika Järg Website, Here

An awesome DIY Cuff project by blogger KooToYoo involved Faux wood scrap vinyl…

DIY Embroidered Faux wood Scrap Vinyl Cuff by KooToYoo – TUTORIAL HERE

Good Luck Hacking!



D.I.Y Chair Bench

Odd chairs are a dime a dozen, add the thousands (and thousands…) of chairs every year discarded due to broken seats and you’ve got yourself a mountain of scrap chairs to hack. One excellent idea is converting the scrap chairs into sculptural ’chair benches’. What you do, basically, is evident from the pictures below. You keep ornate chair backs and the legs but join the chairs together by a unifying seating, either just a couple of planks, MDF-board, upholstered seating (like the design by Alessandro Dubini) or why not a log (like the $11000 bench Jurgen Bey bench below)? The hack can be styled to go with any style preferences, however going monochrome is a good idea to make the hack more easy on the eye. Here are some successful examples to get your hacker juices flowing – when your full of inspiration, go over here for a DIY Chair Bench Tutorial

Sleek Black & White

Bright & Cheery

I spotted Bench2 by Jo Nagasaka of Tokyo-based Schemata Architecture Office in this Dezeen article. The bench is made of six chairs and a plank of wood. Note how the varying chair leg height have been used creatively, creating a floating effect as the chair legs can’t reach the floor. A take-away from this ’floaty’ hack idea is that you, during construction of a bench like this,  will have to mount the chairs (see pic with magazines under chair legs) so that they have an even seating level. But, when you’ve gotten the plank seating is in place, you free to remove the mounting as there’s enough support from chairs on each side of the floating one.

As spotted in this hack from hacky duo Mak&Jill, you can make use of old chair backs as armrests as well..


Country Living features a DIY Chair Bench tutorial, here:  DIY Chair Bench Tutorial from Country Living

Suesan of blog FrouFrugal has written a detailed DIY tutorial for the Blue Triple Chair bench she made, Check it out HERE

Some more awesome chair benches while i’m at it….

Good Luck Hacking!

Pics in this post came from here:

Black chair bench with plank seating, via CountryLiving
Log Bench by Jurgen Bey – via Droog
Upholstered Seating Chair back Bench/day bed by Alessandro Dubini, via Alessandro Dubini
Red & Blue Benches (with the red brick background), via 31&Change
Multi-colored Chair Bench attached from underneath, via DorNob
Bench2 by Jo Nagasaka, using 6 chairs – via Dezeen
Green Chair Back Arm Rest Bench, via MakandJill
Black chair bench with plank seating, via CountryLiving
Blue Triple Chair Bench, via FrouFrugal
Arty Birch Benches, via WebUrbanist
Green Chair Back Bench – via DecoratingInsanity

Splatter Paint D.I.Y ideas

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and let some DIY ideas inspire hacking action! The legendary artist and his action painting technique provides a creative vision and a DIY friendly idea on how to transform an old pair of shoes, an old cupboard or a leather chair from basic to boldly beautiful in no time. Here’s a couple of ideas to get those hacker juices flowing  – Enjoy!

DIY Splatter Shoes from Refinery29 – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Pollock inspired Drip Painted (with nail polish) Jewelry Hack – VIA HERE

Splatter Paint Bean Bag

Via Here

DIY Tie Dye Splatter Paint Boots from AnnieSpandex.com – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Pollock Inspired Drip Painted Cupboard – VIA FRENCHbyDESIGN

D.I.Y Pollock Inspired Drip Painted Jeans from Glitter’n’Glue – TUTORIAL HERE

….& More Splatter Jeans DIY Inspiration

DIY Splatter Jeans inspiration from Refinery29 – TUTORIAL HERE

More Splatter Paint Inspiration…

Splatter Paint Rug – Via HERE

Splatter Paint Chair – Via HERE

Splatter Paint Chair & Shoes – Via HERE

Jackson Pollock in action…

Read more about Jackson Pollock HERE

Good Luck Hacking!

Neon Renewal – 5 D.I.Y ideas

Let a dash of D.I.Y neon spruce up your spring. I’ve gathered 5 doable examples to inspire some neon renewal and revamping of an old pair of shoes, a clutch, a purse, some glass bottles and your hallway mirror. Link to tutorials under each pic – Enjoy!

D.I.Y Nail polish Painted Neon Sole High Heels by LoveMeagan – TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Painted Neon Clutch by JustBblog – TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Jute & Neon String Glass Bottles by A Girl Who MakesTUTORIAL HERE

DIY Neon Rope Purse Handle by ByeByeSoccerMom – TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Neon Origami Wall from Rue Magazine – TUTORIAL HERE (go to page 48)

Good Luck Hacking!



Tripod Lamps – 3 D.I.Y Ideas

Sculptural (and pricey) designer tripod lamps have been around for a while. Thanks to a couple of hacky D.I.Y bloggers you can create fancy looking tripod lamp in no time at all (and at a fraction of the price). This post features inspiration and 3 stylish D.I.Y hacks which will most definitely get your hacker juices flowing…They key to success is to get your hands on a couple of old tripod easels or music note stands, check it out:

Inspiration: Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Via Remodelista

D.I.Y Hack: Ikea ’Fas’ Clamp spot + Tripod Easel

Below on the left, some inspiration from the Loppelilla blog. On the right, the hack ingredients – an IKEA ’Fas’ Clamp Spotlight, priced at $9.99 and a $50.99 Tripod Wood Sketching Easel from Amazon.

Top left: via Loppelilla


Inspiration: Contemporary Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

Anton Björsig has created the Golv Tripod Lamp. It’s simple design opens up for hacking. Pairing a simple pendant or lamp shade with a easy tripod structure could score you a similar look…

Via Trendhunter

D.I.Y Hack: Ikea ’Ekås’+Tripod Easel

Below left, inspiration from blogger AnnMagritt. On the right, the hack ingredients – an IKEA ’Ekås’ Lamp Shade, priced at $10 and a $50.99 Tripod Wood Sketching Easel from Amazon.

Top left: via AnnMagritt.no


Inspiration: Classic Tripod Table Lamp

A classic tripod lamp with a white lamp shade…


D.I.Y Hack: Music note stand+Lamp Shade

Vintage Music note stands are a common sight in thrift stores. Paired with a lamp socket and a lamp shade, they can look as good as this hacked lamp from ’The Painted Hive’.

Top Left: via ThePaintedHive




More hacky inspiration…

Via TheSecondLifeofMine

Via Anthropologie

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest


Good Luck Hacking!




D.I.Y – Painted Stones

Rocks and stone are, literally, the building blocks of our civilization. Their solid nature means they’re perfect for building robust things. Yet, in being solid, they don’t exactly open up for hacking – no basic hand-held tools can change their properties.

The fact that stones are abundant in backyards, on beaches, in forests and just about everywhere on the planet also means we take them for granted. That’s why finding ideas for everyday stone hacks is a challenge with a potentially awesome reward, namely a gateway to lots of awesome creation. Simply dabbing some paint onto them is a hack idea that might make you reassess that pile of stones, seeing them as nuggets of untapped potential instead, here’s some inspirational pics to get your D.I.Y juices flowing – enjoy!

Stones with painted dots

The awesome dotted stones are by Julian Jackson (Galaxy, 2003). Varying shades of natural greys on the angular, irregular pieces of stone are contrasted against painted dots in various blue and green hues.

via HERE

Stripy Sea Shell

Via DecoratingNature

Stones with painted crochet pattern

Via Gardenmama.typepad.com

Stones with painted message

Via GardenMama.typepad.com

Painted stones in water

Via DecoratingNature

Stones with painted polka dots

Via ImprovisedLife.com

Stones painted like dominoes

Via ImprovisedLife.com

Painted stone look-a-like

This is actually a shell sculpture, but kinda looks like painted stone


Stones painted by Max Ernst

Lastly, some pics of artist Max Ernst Painted stones, found on MondoBlogo via ImprovisedLife.

via HERE

via HERE

Good Luck Hacking!


Cork hacks – 6 D.I.Y ideas

Weekend’s coming up, and perhaps some festivities along with it. Parties are awesome, but cleaning up after them can be a bore. Sneaking in some D.I.Y into the mix will make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Corks are awesome raw material for hacking, so I gathered 6 easy DIY ideas on how to un-cork your creativity and get hacking with some of those party leftovers.

Ps. If you’re looking for ways to hack bottles too, I recommend previous DIY hack posts such as the one with ideas for DIY Bottle Lamps & the one with awesome examples of DIY Painted Bottles.  Ds.

DIY Thread Spool Bottle Corks from A Beautiful Mess – D.I.Y TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Wine Cork Letters from GrowingUpGardner4 – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Top pics: Lovely Champagne cork Bistro Chairs from Etsy Vendor BeckyKazana.
Bottom pics: DIY Champagne cork bistro chairs from Designsponge, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Wine Cork Coasters by HeartMadeBlog – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Let these awesome Cork Magnet Mini Planters from Etsy Vendor AlissaRose inspire some DIY or BUY THEM from her ETSY SHOP, HERE

DIY Wine Cork Key Rings from CleverlyInspired – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Good Luck Hacking!

Washi Tape – 10 D.I.Y ideas

Explore your visual universe using Washi Tape. The genius ’papery’ tape allows for instant creative expression, up your walls, on your floors, onto practically anything. I’ve gathered 10 D.I.Y friendly Washi Tape ideas to inspire some D.I.Y action – Enjoy!

Washi Tape Tree

Via ApartmentTherapy
” Washi comes from ’wa’ meaning Japanese and ’shi’ meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.

Edgy Washi Tape Wall


”Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia papyrifera), or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat ”

Washi Tape Antlers


Washi Tape Magic


Washi Tape Table

D.I.Y TUTORIAL HERE: ThePostSocial.com

Washi Tape Chair

Via HeartHandmade.co.uk

D.I.Y TUTORIAL HERE – SarahHearts.com

A splash of Washi Neon…


Good Luck Hacking!



D.I.Y Collars – 10 ideas

Today is International Womens Day…today is also the day of the H&M and Marni designer collaboration global launch. I say celebrate girl power and Marni by letting the collection inspire some D.I.Y action. There are lots of goodies among the Marni pieces, a personal favorite is the Sequin Peter Pan collar…

It so happens that collars have been a popular D.I.Y project among crafty online DIY fashionistas for quite a while now so embrace diversity and tap into the inspiration from the line-up of no less than 10 D.I.Y collar tutorials from around the web, all ready to help you launch your very own D.I.Y collar project – Enjoy!

 Gold Leather Collar from aPair&aSpare – TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Stitch-on PEARL COLLAR from Virginiescinema.blogspot.com – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Punched Felt Collar from HonestlyWtf.com – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Big Sequin Collar from RepublicOfChic – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Chainmail Collar from Glitter’n’Glue for Stylecaster.com – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Mini Sequin Collar from VintageWalls.blogspot.com – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Pearl Collar from ItsThea – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Sequin collar with bow from UrbanOutfitters – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Ruffled Ribbon Collar – TUTORIAL HERE

D.I.Y Sequin Collar Top – Video Tutorial


Good Luck Hacking!



Inspired by Chris Bettig

Christopher Bettig is a U.S based French multi-disciplinary designer whose work I love. Always with raw edge and buckets of punky attitude, his pieces still come out in awesomely sleek executions. He’s done a series of eye-catching spiky wood installations featured at retailers like J.Crew and San Fransisco based CandyStore Collective. You’re also likely to have experienced his hacky style over at Urban Outfitters where he worked as an Art Director for lots of years (between 2000 – 2010 he developed and art directed seasonal and permanent installations within all Urban Outfitters stores in North America)…

The joy of making shines through in his work so it perhaps it should come as little surprise that a summarizing statement under his website ”About” section states that… ”He loves to make things”. Google evidently appreciated that skill set and the fact that Chris had a special eye for innovation & creation, given that they gave him a job as senior designer.  

I´m thinking this installation at CandyStore Collective could inspire some bad-ass DIY bookshelves?!

@ CandyStore Collective

@ J.Crew, Rockefeller Plaza Store

Some other examples of Chris awesome work

All pics from Christopher Bettig website

Dot-ify your life – 5 Ideas

I´m a huge fan of polka dots – always have been, always will be. In my mind, the graphic black & white duo goes with anything, anytime…I’ve gathered a bunch of ideas (and links to awesome tutorials) on how dot-ify and reinvigorate whatever you’ve got lying around the house…Hope these tips will inspire some hacking action & remind you that you can add some (polka dot) DIY dash practically anywhere – enjoy!

D.I.Y Tutorial – Polka Dot Placemats – A Beautiful Mess

”Polka dot is a pattern consisting of an array of filled circles, generally equally sized and spaced relatively closely in relation to their diameters”…

D.I.Y Tutorial – Polka Dot Top – RunwayDIY

D.I.Y Tutorial – Polka Dot Tights – SeeKateSew

”An early recorded use of the term ”polka dot” is in 1854 in The Yale literary magazine, Volym 122, Page 7 /…/”    …the name was settled upon merely because of the dance’s popularity at the time the pattern became fashionable.

D.I.Y Tutorial – Polka Dot Pants – StyleHive

You don’t need a tutorial for this one, just grab some brushes and paint to get started!

Good Luck Hacking!


Lovely pics, from here
Polka Dot Placemats – A Beautiful Mess
Polka Dot Top – RunwayDIY
Polka Dot Tights – SeeKateSew
Polka Dot Pants – StyleHive
Polka Dot Lamp – Ikea Livet Hemma, spotted via TodayYouInspiredMe
Wikipedia article on ”Polka Dot”



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