Disco Diva D.I.Y

Today’s my birthday! And not any birthday, my 30th, yay/yikes! I’ve been tapping into disco diva fiesta mode browsing the best Disco D.I.Y the blogosphere has to offer – and there are some pretty neat Disco hacks out there I tell you! Hopefully all of you D.I.Y disco divas can find some nuggets of interest in the mix – Enjoy! (play the clip for an awesome soundtrack!)

Totally awesome hack from Natalina over at Instructables – DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Totally rad DIY Disco cake from blogger Prunille! Check out the DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

I’ve previously featured the sparkly One Stars from LoveMaegan in my Sneakers pimpin’ special, head here for her brilliant DIY  TUTORIAL

Brittany Jepsen of blog ’The House that Lars built’ is a D.I.Y icon! She’s also a contributor to OhHappyDay, for which she made an awesome D.I.Y Glitter Disco Ball – DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

’Dana’s Fashion blog’ is a great place to stock up on D.I.Y ideas! Head over here for an awesome DIY Disco Bracelet tutorial!

Make a DIY Disco Ball Light from used Tetra cartons! Super clever hack by brilliant designer Ed Chew, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Add sequins, glitter & glue and you’re good to trot off in a set of D.I.Y disco heels! Get started with this tutorial from ’LoveMaegan’ (psst! Craving some MORE PARTY SHOE D.I.Y? Check out this previous post!)

This D.I.Y disco ball involves cooking (yes, cooking!) some old CD´s! DIY TUTORIAL HERE

For you techies, why not go for a D.I.Y Disco dance floor? DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Good Luck hacking!

Ice Cream D.I.Y ideas

”I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  Could one ever get enough of ice cream? Not me! Today’s post celebrates Ice cream by gathering a bunch of hacky ideas from crafty corners of the DIY blogosphere. So, ready..set…go, time to let that sweet tooth indulge in some delicicous D.I.Y – Enjoy!

DIY Ice cream appliqué T-shirt from ’Chic Steals’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Ice Cream Gift Kit, what an awesome idea! From Jan of ’Tip Junkie’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Printable DIY Ice Cream Tattoos from AmberLee of ’Giverslog’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Inspiration from designers Nahoko Koyama and Alex Garnett of Mixko, read more here

DIY Mini Ice Cream cones, great recipe from TheKitchn.com – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Making DIY Ice Cream Balloons is brilliantly easy, just add a paper cone! Pics via ’The Crafts Dept’ & ’SpearmintBaby’

The heels are made of actual ice cream cones which have been stiffened by a special procedure using synthetic resin same as for surf boards! Designed by Steve Apeah & spotted via here

Awesome DIY Ice Cream Piñata from Tiffany of SimplyModernMom, detailed DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Ice cream cone ornaments lifts the spirits of a Christmas tree or a kids’ party décor in next to no time – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Last but not least, the real deal: Delicious DIY! Recipe from Instructables, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Enjoy your ice cream & happy hacking!




Pimp an old tee

With temperatures rising so is the annual epidemic of fashion fever, making many of us feverishly hit the high street (although our wardrobes are already stuffed full…). This post celebrates the power of re-invention of a wardrobe staple – old t-shirts. Infusing and old tee with some contemporary style means that fashion quick fix is waiting in the dusty corners of your wardrobe…When you’ve found yourself a remake candidate, get crafty asap! Here are 5 easy peasy drab-to-fab projects from the D.I.Y blogosphere to get your own ideas flowing – enjoy!

D.I.Y from ’Free People’, check out the full DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Lauren of ’Calico Skies’ has made a great screenprint tee, to make your own, check out the DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Rebekah of blog ”A little Sunshine when skies are grey” made an awesome DIY ombre inifinity scarf from an XL white t-shirt, to make your own, check out her DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Lexy of blog ’The Proper Pin Wheel’ wrote a really cute guest post for ’Yellow Bird Yellow Bird’, featuring this crisp DIY tee, check out the DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Laura of ’Trash Planet DIY’ made a racerback tank from an oversize tee and compiled an awesome DIY TUTORIAL

Good Luck Hacking!

New life for ladders

Ladders are versatile structures that can be tweaked into pretty much anything…Suspend them from the ceiling, hang them on the wall or let them stand naturally tall…then add a pinch of creativity to score amazing new functionality and style in an instant! Here’s a selection of 10+ hacky ideas to get those DIY juices flowing…Enjoy!

Beautiful D.I.Y project involving a ladder +2 wooden brackets from Italian daily ’Corriere della Serra’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Pics, clockwise from top left: HomeMadeSimple, Shelterness, Stylizimo, RedOnline

Sculpture made from reclaimed ladders, by Dutch Artist Chris Ruhe, spotted via Make

Suspended ladders provides great options for party décor, pics via here, here & here

Julie of blog ’Less Than Perfect life of Bliss’ shows you the way to score stylish ladder shelves in no time, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Another set of D.I.Y Ladder shelves, spotted on ’RealSimple’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Ladders+LED=Ladder chandeliers designed by Studio Bertjan Pot, spotted via DesignBoom

Awesome idea from blog ’Rock That Horse’, check it out here

Pics via here & here

Spontaneous & decorative ladders add instant charm to any nook around the house, pics from left via here, here & here

Hang a ladder horizontally and score some instant bookshelves, pics via here

Ladders make awesome towel racks, such as spotted (from left) via here, here & here

Good Luck Hacking!

Pillowcase Pimpin’ D.I.Y

Big stashes of bed linen are impractical, yet often we hang onto old sets for the love of a great print or a great memory…This post features ideas on how to inject new life into old pillowcases, instead of having them lurking around in a dark corner of the closet. If you happen to be leading a zen lifestyle (with no pillowcases around the house to hack) you could simply head to a local thrift store, where I guarantee you’ll find piles of graphic geometric or cute florals to choose from….What to make? Here are some ideas – Enjoy! Awesome cool pillowcase skirt from Kirsten of ’Kojo Designs’, score the look by following this DIY TUTORIAL

No-sew, printed pillowcase bag, one heck of a hack from Natalie of ’Crème de la craft’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Vintage Pillowcases made into napkins, by Diana of blog ’Smiles go with Everything’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Talented photographer Julia of the ’PicturePartyBlog’ turned an old pretty pillowcase into a stunning gift wrap creation, check out her exquisite DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Use washable markers on the doodle pillowcase, just pop it into the washer between uses, awesome DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Hacky chic style with the DIY Pillowcase dress from ’Julias Poppies’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Upcycle a vintage pillowcase into a more contemporary looking pouf! Check out this DIY tutorial by crafty gal Lauren

Make cute baby dresses from old pillowcases with the PATTERN & DIY TUTORIAL from ’Prudent Baby’

Funky Chunky D.I.Y

Tiimb-eerr! As old houses are continuously being remodeled, rebuilt or torn down there’s a constant influx of old chunky beams to salvage, some are probably lying around waiting round the corner from where you live! Hacking and remaking the leftovers from old buildings not only has tons of environmental benefits (less transports, reducing landfill impact etc) but also allows tapping into the magic of history and heritage. This post features a bunch of hacky ideas to open your mind to the possibilities of beams – Enjoy!

For the ultimate statement piece, pair an old top with a contemporary bottom, go sleek modern inspired by Iron & Woodside or opt for a crisp bright hue like the blue legs from Etsy vendor Edies lab or the neon pink version from Katch Design Company.

’This Old House’ features a clever Beam+Pipe Dining Table design, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Natural beam cut-off table, via here – Dip-dyed tables from Judith Seng

Rollable Ceiling Beam Planter Bench from DiggersList, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Chunky Wood DIY Table from SweetPickins a.k.a Show & Tell, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Pics via here

Beam Side Table, via ApartmentTherapy

Ok, the reclaimed wood staircases is not a DIY for rookies..But they’re inspirational nevertheless!
Pic left from ’Scraphouse’ by Jensen Architects, Pic right via here
Beam, like the big one above from Anthropologie, are cool! It’s a pretty straightforward hack, wiring doesn’t have to go through the beam although that is the ways pro’s like Etsy Vendor MFEO go about it, it could just as well run outside of it. The beam desk lamp from FernNyc opens up for a desk lamp remake, just replace the old desk lamp base with a chunk of wood!
Upcycling superstar Piet Hein Eek has lots of designs in which beams are used, like his ’One Beam bench’ and the Chunky Beam chair (priced at whopping €7140!)

Lastly I project I find hugely inspiring…Painted Blocks, plain & simple! Read at blog FilthWidzardry’, HERE!

Happy Hacking!

Monogram Monday

It’s Monogram Monday! Playing with typography and various techniques is an easy and fun way to add new contemporary luster to whatever you feel the need to reinvent. Why not grab a vintage sheet to make monogrammed napkins or draw monograms onto plain white mugs to score instant DIY dash? There are lots of monogram ideas floating around the DIY blogosphere, to save you some time browsing and get your DIY juices flowing ASAP I’ve gathered my top 10 Monogram hacky DIY selection in todays post! Links to tutorials under each pic, Enjoy!

Vintage Sheet Monogram Napkins from CraftStylish.com – DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Monogram Mugs from Gabrielle a.k.a ’DesignMom’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Monogram Doormat from ’SweetSomethingDesign’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Natural Monograms from Fern & Baby’s Breath, made by HeyLook & spotted at RuffledBlog, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Monogram Barn wood from Five O Eight’, read more here!

Fringed Monogram by Michaela of BlissfulFetes for OhHappyDay, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Button Monogram from Myra of MyBlessedLife’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Printable 3D fonts opens up for lots of cool DIY ideas! Get it HERE

Racetrack Monogram from ’MasonsRoost’, DIY Tutorial HERE!

DIY Monogram Pillow from Andrea of ’OasisAccents’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Crayola Crayon Monogram, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Happy Hacking!




Mothers Day D.I.Y

Sunday marks the celebration of Mothers Day in many parts of the world! Needless to say, mums sure deserve gifts and adoration any day of the year, but now’s really the chance to feel inspired and express your love. This post features doable D.I.Y round-up for that little effort to celebrate all those very special Mums of the world, Enjoy!

Awesome D.I.Y Heart Necklace from Clones’n’Clowns, FULL TUTORIAL HERE!

Tin can planters from DosFamily, check out the DIY tutorial & more beautiful pics here!

D.I.Y String Heart Art from GreenWeddingShoes, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Awesome thread Wrap Love Necklace from ’Studs & Pearls’, D.I.Y TUTORIAL HERE!

Awesomeness from Aura of AuraJoon.blogspot.com! Check out the DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Delicious D.I.Y from crafty Laura of A girl who makes’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Clothesline+Yarn=Love! Super cool D.I.Y from Camilla of the inspiring blog ’Family Chic’, TUTORIAL HERE!

Awesome chocolate cake DIY tutorial from ’The Crafty Penguin’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Awesome hack from Refinery29, Check out the full DIY TUTORIAL HERE!


 Make a tote and fill with magazines & chocolate for the ultimate Mums Day gift! DIY TUTORIAL HERE!
All mums deserve chocolate on Mothers Day! The chocolate dipped brownies from Sweetapolita are a safe bet!
Check out the recipe & instructions here

Happy Mothers Day!




Teacups revisited

Old tea & coffee cups are a thrift store staple. Yet, there are only so many cups you need for your everyday tea drinking. Good then, that the D.I.Y blogosphere is sprawling with hacky ideas on how to inject new life into the un-loved teacups of the world. This post taps into that pool of inspiration in featuring a selection of 10 doable DIY Teacup hack ideas & tutorials… – Enjoy!

DIY Teacup Herb Planters from IntimateWeddings.com, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Teacup Lamp Base from VintageRevivals, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY  Vintage Teacup pin cushion from crafty blogger Kinsey of SincerelyKinsey, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Teacup ring by ’A Pair & A Spare’ for Aussie edition of HarpersBazaar, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Pic left: Teacup lamps designed by Gregory Bonasera, spotted via here

DIY Vintage Tea cup Bird Feeder from IntimateWeddings.com, full DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Vintage Teacup cake stand from ’A Beach Cottage’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Top pic in collage via here – DIY Teacup candle tutorial from Meg Perrotti, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Big pic right: via here, upper pic left: via here, lower pic left: via here

DIY Teacup Wine glasses from Country Living, read more here!

Good Luck Hacking!

Diamonds are wherever

They say diamonds are forever, I say diamonds are…wherever. Taking the ’Diamonds are wherever’ mantra to heart, you’ll find that a dash of sparkly D.I.Y TLC could be just as appreciated as the real bling thing. To help you on your way, I’ve dug out a bunch of awesome ideas & tutorials from the DI(Y)amond mine, a.k.a the DIY blogosphere. You’re sure to find some crafty nuggets to prep for Mothers Day in there…But then again, why wait? – DIY Diamonds are whenever!

Awesome Paper Diamonds from MiniEco, full tutorial and lots of more ideas HERE!

Awesome Leather Diamond Pendant from blogger Clémence of OhTheLovelyThings’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Inspiration: Diamond greeting card

Get lovely geometric diamond cards from Etsy vendor AshleyPahl, HERE!

D.I.Y Quilted Diamond Tote from Misusu.co, Download DIY Pattern HERE!

via here

Awesome D.I.Y Diamond Clay Bead bracelet from ’Delighted Momma’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Inspiration: Diamond Table

via here

D.I.Y Tufted Diamond Headboard from ’Living with punks’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Inspiration: Diamond Brooch

Get the super cool diamond brooch from Aussie Etsy shop ’MadeByEmilyGreen’, HERE!

Awesome DIY sofa designed by Chris Stuart of LuurDesign, pics via Contemporist.com

Chris also wrote this great book:

Inspiration: Diamond Pillow

Diamond pillow from Etsy vendor Leonora & shop Yellow Heart Art (via Whimsy Milieu)

Good Luck Hacking!

D.I.Y Rope Hacks

The applications of D.I.Y projects with rope are infinite, so i found limiting the number of DIY ideas for this post super tricky (i’ve been pinning them like crazy too, so visit my D.I.Y Dreams board for more ideas). I ended up with 10 ideas to which you can easily add tweaks and details to score the style of your choice: nautical, industrial, sporty or country? – You choose! One of my personal favorite ideas is using rope for door handles and door knobs, so very easy and so very breezy…Enjoy & Good luck hacking!

Hooks+rope and you can score yourself a towel rack like this one from ’On My honor I will try’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!


Super pretty DIY Rope Vase from ’Bay Side Bride’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Rope Shelf from ’ReCreate Home’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Designs by Shigeki Fujishiro, spotted via Remodelista, read more here

Rope Room Divider from The Brick House, read more here!

Pic right via here, Pic left via here

Rope Door handles, read more here

Awesome D.I.Y Idea from ’The Brick House’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!


Rope Mirror from Martha Stewart, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Rope and wooden blocks are the components of the clever ’Blockshelf’ by designer Amy Hunting, read more here

Rope pendant ideas from spotted via HomeEdit & Designsponge

Good Luck Hacking!


New Life for Old Doors

An old door is a sturdy piece of material that can easily be revamped into pretty much anything: add table legs and you’ve got a dining table; add some castor wheels and you’ve got a coffee table, place doors behind your bed to create a headboard in an instant! This post features a whole range of doable D.I.Y ideas to inspire you to pimp an old door into something completely new and totally awesome – Enjoy & Good Luck!

An old door and some $10 Ikea ’Vika Lerberg’ Trestles (available in grey or white) and you could score a look similar to that in the beautiful pic above (by John Cullen), spotted via here

Pic left via here, Pic right via here

Inspirational use of an old barn door in a contemporary home from HouseTweaking.com, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Left pic via here, right pic via here

Old Door Coat Rack

An old cupboard door and some hooks, and you could achieve this awesome look – DIY TUTORIAL HERE!



This awesome table was made by Sarah Summers and featured on DesignSponge, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Left pic of hanging door table (!) via here, Right pic via here

Repurposed Old Doors given new life as bookshelf, from ’My Repurposed Life’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Pic left: WoodBird Design, Pic right: via here

Take cue from Maria of inspirational ’DreamyWhites’ blog and make an old door headboard, read more here!

D.I.Y Old Door Screen

Four old doors and hinges created this privacy screen from ’Not Just a housewife’, read more here

Inspirational Door reuse from Manoteca, spotted via here

Old Door Potting Station

via here

DIY Old Door Coffee Table from ’This Sorta Old Life’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

Good Luck Hacking!


D.I.Y Dresser Dress-up

Storage in our homes is often a challenge…and finding storage options that are both practical and personal even more so! Old dressers and chests are abundant in attics and thrift stores, but more than often dingy and uninspired…This post features 15 doable D.I.Y ideas & tutorials on the crafty tricks that will dress up any old dresser into the Cinderella of your home  – Enjoy!

Sizzling Ikat turns an old dresser from drab to fab, by Kim of OfAllTheFish, featured on DesignSponge, TUTORIAL HERE!

 DIY Industrial Dresser, check out the awesome rope knobs! By ’Me & Jilly’ – TUTORIAL HERE!

via here

The DIY Decoupage Chest from Martha Stewart is all about Cut, copy & Paste!  TUTORIAL HERE!

Masking tape, paint and statement knobs and you might end up with something like the smashing Chevron dresser above (spotted via here)

Re-use leftover wallpaper or giftwrap to achieve this look, spotted via here

A ’plain Jane’ IKEA Rast Chest was given a total facelift with grey paint, new IKEA Lindsdal knobs and scallop pattern by Kelly Oshiro, featured on DesignSponge here!

via here

D.I.Y Makeover of IKEA’s ’Moppe’ Mini chest of drawers from CraftTestDummies, TUTORIAL HERE!

Inspired by Zoe Murphy’s hacky & colorful aesthetic, read more here

D.I.Y Idea from Designer Lena Corwin

Inside out dresser, via here

Awesome D.I.Y hack from ElleDecoration, TUTORIAL HERE!

Mustache dressers by Rob Southcott, via here

Red Chalkboard Paint D.I.Y Dresser from Janell of Isabella & Maz Rooms, featured on HGTV, TUTORIAL HERE!

Good Luck Hacking!

Duct Tape Delight

Stick to your D.I.Y dreams and make them a reality! Today’s post is a tribute to sticky Duct Tape and to all the crafty dreamers out there, serving you a virtual smorgasbord of hacky Duct Tape D.I.Y ideas that will amaze and inspire you. I picked 10 ideas that I know got my hacker juices flowing, I hope they’ll have the same effect on you – Enjoy!

 Awesome Duct Tape iPad Case DIY from CraftBits – Tutorial here!

 DIY Duct Tape rug by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot, spotted via here


Awesome DIY Duct Tape Clutch from ’Thanks I made it” – TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Duct Tape Chair from the BiblioMomia blog – Full Tutorial HERE!

further inspiration…

via here

DIY Duct Tape Vase from blog ’Dutch British Love’ – Tutorial here!

Seriously awesome duct tape D.I.Y from HelloBrit.com – TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Duct tape dining furniture made by Slade Architecture, spotted via here

DIY Duct Tape Chevron Cuff from HelloBrit.com – TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Duct Tape Wallets from CraftyNest – awesome TUTORIAL HERE!

Duct tape installations by artist Rebecca Ward, spotted via awesome blog JeannieJeannie

Good Luck Hacking!



D.I.Y Button Bling

More D.I.Y dash than cash! Bold Button D.I.Y Bling adds instant attitude to an outfit and makes great gifts for friends too! Today’s post features a selection of awesome Button D.I.Y Bling projects (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings…) spotted around the D.I.Y Blogosphere. Hope you’ll find a little something in the mix that gets your D.I.Y juices flowing – enjoy!


D.I.Y Button Bracelets from ’I Spy DIY’, full tutorial here!

 further inspiration…

Jute string+0dd buttons=very cool DIY bracelets! Spotted via here

D.I.Y Button Necklace from Cut Out and Keep – TUTORIAL HERE!

Blogger Very Purple Person made DIY Fabric Button Pendants using pieces of vintage kimono fabric
– read more and get full tutorial here

DIY Statement Rings from Glitter’n’Glue – TUTORIAL HERE!

Further inspiration…

DIY tutorial from Buttonsgalore & more, HERE!

DIY Vintage Button Earrings from A Pair & A Spare – Full tutorial here!

Fabric Button Earrings from Etsy Vendor Button Bizarro

Further button earring inspiration…

DIY Tutorial from hocuskocis.blogspot.com – HERE!

DIY Button Bobby Pins from ’Brittany Makes’, TUTORIAL HERE!

Further inspiration…

DIY Tutorial from Blackbirds & Bumblebees

Good Luck Hacking!



Pimp your Sneakers!

Pimp your sneakers! Get crafty and create your own personalized expression inspired by this Top 10 pick of awesome DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Sneakers, brought to you by from crafty corners of the DIY Blogosphere. Embark on a voyage of DIY discovery of studs, polka dot, super sparkly bling, chevron and budget versions of Miu Miu, Missoni and Prada designs! Links to full tutorials under each pic – Enjoy!

DIY Missoni Sneakers from Refinery29 – DIY Tutorial HERE!

Inspiration pic from Stockholm Streetstyle, Studded DIY Tutorial from TransientExpression – HERE!

DIY Prada Platform Sneakers from A Pair & A Spare – DIY Tutorial HERE!

DIY from LoveMaegan – Sparkly One-stars Tutorial HERE!

The Brogue Vans (sold by Vans) have great DIY potential!

DIY Polka Dot Sneakers from Golden & Lovely, TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Leather Trim Shoes – The original source of this great DIY project is unknown! Let me know if you know it! It was spotted via here

DIY Super Sparkly Vans from Honestly WTF, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Saddle Shoes from Bleubirdvintage – TUTORIAL HERE!

D.I.Y Neon Leopard Shoes

DIY Shoes by Jessica Hogue, via here

DIY Chevron Shoes from HoneyBeeVintage, TUTORIAL HERE!

Good Luck Hacking!




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