IKEA Gorm D.I.Y Tub Front Panel – Tutorial

Although I do love scrap – I also hack other stuff every now and then. Recently I made a Bathtub Front Panel from GORM shelves I found on sale at IKEA (on sale they were 9SEK / 1Euro a piece). My total cost of the hack was about 40€ (approx $55/£35pounds). However, the same effect can be achieved at much less of that cost, If you further hack my hack by finding a smarter solution for jointing and mounting the Front Panel. The picture below shows the starting point for this hack, the GORM shelf:


From IKEA:

From the hardwear store (I went to Clas Ohlson, available in Scandinavia and the U.K).

From the paint shop (I went to my local Flügger store)

  • Wood Sealer
  • High gloss Paint

Step 1: Take the measurements of the front panel of your tub. Mine measured L:157,5cm and H:46cm. See the old tub front panel pictured below:

Although there was nothing wrong my old bathtub front panel, I wanted to replace it because 1.) it was heavy and complicated to dismantle when access was needed to the space under the tub  2.) It seemed a bit dull and outdated and 3.) Living in a rental, I have to focus on the small stuff that make the big changes. So, I begun to work on my vision for The Glorious GORM Bathtub Front Panel, and on we go!

Step 2: Compare your measurements with the existing GORM assortment.
For my tub, I could see that 5 GORM shelves (31cm´50cm) would make a decent fit. I came across the GORM (31cm´50cm) shelves for 1Euro a piece. Joined together would form a panel of 155cm´50cm. The length of the front panel was perfect, however, the height was an issue, being 4cm to high.

 Step 3: I joined the GORM shelves with basic jointing plates, that you can find at your local hard wear store.This part was a quickie.

 Step 4: The GORM shelves have a lot of visible branch marks. You need to seal these with wood sealer, othewise they will bleed through the paint and cause yellow stains.

Step 5: After the wood sealer has dried, move on to the fun part – the customization! Yellow, Green, Black, grey – which is your favorite color? I opted for a safe bet, and painted my panel a glossy white. Using glossy paint is the practical option, as it is resistant to stains and to water and can be swiped clean without the color coming off. The glossy white paint is also very similar to the natural gloss of the enamel tub, making the look coherent.

 Step 6: This step addresses the height issue might not be necessary for all. In my case the GORM front panel was to high for my tub I had 2 options. Either trying substract height from the front panel, by sawing in it, or I could try to add height between the ledge of the tub and the floor of the bathroom. The first option would not have resulted in a nice looking front panel, so I opted for the second one.

If you have the same problem as me – take a close look on the feet of your tub, then head out to the hard wear store. I found the solution for my tub when browsing my favorite hard wear store where I found 2 products that would together solve my problem: A Anti-vibration mount and a Jack Pad. The Jack Pad added the necessary height, and the vibration mount, being made of rubber, would ensure my tub wouldn´t be sliding around on the floor.









Step 7: The last step is to put the front panel in place. Make sure there is a distance between the the front panel and the floor, to avoid any direct contact with water. I hung my panel on a couple of hooks that were already on my tub, but could be a great option for those of you missing hooks. Simply glue 2-4 magnets to the top of the panel and it will cling to the enamel ledge which is magnetic.

Step 8: Admiring the result! I quite like this hack. I sets a elegant tone in the bathroom, to which I also bought a new HEMNES Mirror in Black/Brown. Since earlier I have the matching FREDEN Toilet Seat, so now everything goes together in quite the stylish way if I may say so myself!


  • The Glorious GORM Bathtub Front Panel is easy and cheap to make.
  • The slots in the panelling of GORM shelves enables the natural “breathing”, something that´s necessary in the humid environment of the bathroom.
  • The Glorious GORM Bathtub Front weighs a fraction of the enamel front, meaning I no longer have to break my back when cleaning under the tub.
  • Lastly: The Glorious GORM Bathtub Front is an easy to customize to the look of your bathroom!!!

Browsing the IKEA website just now, I see that the GORM assortment have been narrowed down, and that the specific shelves I used have been discontinued (hence, the sale this summer..). However, there are still GORM shelves 77cm´51cm and 77cm´31cm to play with!

GOOD LUCK with your own Glorious GORM-projects!

D.I.Y Pallet Coffee Table – A 7-step Tutorial

The first ScrapHack was a coffee table. Want one too? It´s an easy, no-fuss construction. If you find some good scrap – I´ll help with the hack – Just follow the pictures and see how I did it.

Step 1. Find Two Scrap Pallets

The ones I used didn´t really match in terms of size, but I kind of like that they´re odd! One was covered and one was the classic open” shape.

The Raw Material

Step 2. Sanding!

1+1= A Table

Sanding - Away we go!

Step 3. Filler!

Filler for a better finish

Filler action

Step 4. 2 become 1!

Joining pallets with L-Steel

Step 5. Add some wheels!

Mounting a set of wheels

Up on its feet - let´s roll!

Step 6. Paint Job!

Some painting to do...

A good start

Fresh paint set to dry

Step 7. Enjoy!

The Coffee Table has lots of room for magazines! You might think i´m crazy for not filling the gaps – but I simply like the fact that you can see its origin.

Great Storage for a Magazine Addict

A good idea though, is to have a big tray up your sleeve as one of those can come in handy for times you have guests that aren´t as used to your table as you´ll be…A bonus with this design is resting your feet on it is extremely ergonomic as  your heels fit/rest into the gaps! That fact also means you can also use your feet to move the table around – having never imagined that would be something I appreciated, I now think I would have a hard time adjusting to having a static, hard coffee table again!

Sofa Table doing its job!



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