Top 15 Pallet Bed Hacks

In the ScrapHacker blog i´ve previously featured tons of D.I.Y pallet furniture ideas, including Top 10 pallet Coffee Table Ideas, Pallet Coffee Table D.I.Y instructions, Top 15 Pallet Sofa Ideas, D.I.Y instructions for a Pallet Sofa Bed, D.I.Y Pallet Dining Tables…In order to make the palette of pallet home ideas complete, I figured I should write a feature on Pallet Bed Ideas. Pallet bed hacks are perhaps the most straightforward ones…All you need for some D.I.Y action are some pallets, some paint and a mattress. Wheels are cool, but not necessary. Here are some inspirational pics of the best pallet beds on the web to get you going with your Pallet Bed and Pallet Bed Board Hacks…As always, simple pallet designs leave finishing touches up to you!

Cute Wit

Scandinavian simplicity

Crispy clean

Country charm

Romantic yet Rock´n´roll

Floaty Zen

Plain rustic

Industrial grit

Homey & Natural

…more homey & natural

Country Romantic

For the little ones

The Open sky option

Sleek stylish

a la provençale

Inspired by these creative pallet bed D.I.Y ideas I hope you started on your own pallet bed projects asap! Should you want your creations featured in the Scraphacker site, contact me – I´d be happy to post!

Good Luck Hacking!

Pics from top:
Cute Wit:
Scandinavian simplicity:
Crispy clean:
Country Charm:
Romantic yet Rock´n´roll:
Floaty Zen:
Plain Rustic:
Industrial grit:
Homey and Natural:
more homey & natural:
Country Romantic:
For the little ones:
Open sky option:
The versatile daybed:
Daybed 2:


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  1. Franklin skriver:

    I just love this list…How creative!! You have done an amazing creativety with the things that most of the people burn or throw away

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