Step up your game

This idea has great D.I.Y potential should you be so lucky to have a home with some kind of stairway…Climbing stairs is often a bore…Could flirty, encouraging words make it less boring? Concept store Opening Ceremony gives the latter strategy a try, and has clad a crimson red stairway with flirty opening lines, making climbing […]

Simply the Wes

Photographer, Furniture designer and Etsy vendor Wes Bennett is something of a ScrapHacker idol  – not only has this guy got amazing maker skills, he also has a fantastic eye & great taste (in my mind anyway!)…He works his magic out of a Albany (N.Y) studio, his style is industrial yet with a punch of […]

(Le-)go for it!

How come there are so little Lego furniture…When there are so much Lego? I mean we all know how to use it, yet we somehow don´t really apply the Lego Logic to other usages…Approximately 400 billion pieces have been made since 1958…and as we speak, 36 000 more are being molted each minute…That means there […]

Say it with a letter…

This coffee table (seen at Liberty in London) morphed from plain to special given the vintage/upcycling twist provided by incorporating wood letterpress blocks into the design. Blocks of this type are, perhaps a bit unfortunately, common at U.S Flea markets. They´re the symbol of a fallen industry, of western modern history, freedom of expression…  In […]

Scrappy Chic @ Pianos

Pianos restaurant and bar @ 158 Ludlow Street (at Stanton St) is not only the a great nighttime venue for concerts and drinks – it´s also worth a visit due to an abundance of scrappy chic and quirky cool style… The nighttime morph into a bustling live music venue (photos from Visit Pianos online […]

Bright Blocks @ Babel

Babel Fair of NYC´s Elizabeth Street is packed with cool clothes and creative ideas. One that caught my ScrapHacker eyes in particular is the smart, new up-cycled and re-purposed usage of concrete hollow blocks (normally used in wall and foundation constructions, see picture below – the picture of the concrete blocks below is from […]

Trunk Tower

The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin is a great inspiration for all those clever, doable D.I.Y ideas! The Trunk Tower is a great focal point, the varying shades of muted greys, browns and greens and the varying sizes of the trunks create a stunning focal point in the reception. To D.I.Y you need to get ahold […]

A load of logs…

The visual merchandisers @ Urban Outfitters are a creative breed indeed! This Logpile shelf, spotted in the flagship store @ 5th Ave/E 43rd St is one of many strong in-store design ideas. The D.I.Y potential is fairly obvious, what you would need is: 1. Wooden log cutoffs in varying lengths – maybe you have some […]

Bin There – Done that?

I saw these fabulous waste baskets at the NDD Space in NYC. The modern day plastic standard is hacked by traditional rattan, the result is a product in which both components get to shine in the respective qualities. The baskets are by Areaware, a design venture which for me stick out from the crowd. They […]

Barricade Hack No 2

This hack, was seen in Spanish Harlem and featured by Miss Heather on the great NewYorkShitty Blog. Seems the N.Y.P.D barricade set is quite the versatile hack material. The super cool ingenuity of hack, in which support from a fence is part of the design, was the idea of the gentleman to the right in […]

Barricade Hack No 1

This N.Y.P.D blue barricade table was seen at a restaurant on 1st Avenue. I am thinking many of you out there would like to make your own…However, this hack seems a bit tricky to come by, I´m guessing the many police officers patroling the streets of Manhattan wouldn´t be ok with you taking their stuff […]

Saviours of Souls and Scrap

Housing Works is a lifesaving thrift store concept which I love. Donated and sold stuff pays for essential medical care for thousands of homeless and low income New Yorkers affected by HIV and AIDS. Housing Works are excellent communicators, both visually and conceptually, both in-store and online. They engage by making purpose and vision clear […]

Shipwreck Chic

I stumbled across The great War Craft Line by Uhuru at the NDD Space on Manhattans East 3rd Street in May of this year. Immediately, I was struck by the genius of team at Uhuru, which have built the line from reclaimed teak from the upper deck of the decommisioned USS North Carolina, a battle […]

Are You Reedy?

The team at Staple Design, owners of The Reed Space (and Reed Annex) on Lower East side Orchard Street (no 151) are doing a fab job. They keep it fresh by a steady stream of collaborations and happenings and have lately been teaming up with street art legend OBEY and been the organizers of a […]

Knits on speed

This stunning piece of eye candy was strategically parked outside of Swedish apparel brand Acne´s Greene Street store. For other great and wacko yarn hacks, check out the cool blog YarnBombing!

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