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Yesterday I passed by the H&M Knightsbridge (London) location…Even though I was in a rush to go somewhere, my curiosity made me enter the store – I simply couldn´t resist the visual temptation of the stunning ”string sculptures” hanging from the high-rised ceiling. The structures are all made from differently sized, square metal X-shaped frames […]

A Sticky idea

This sticky scraphack idea was spotted @ Liberty in London. The front panel of the check-out counter has gotten a energizing and modernizing facelift by the help of random colored tape patches in yellow, blue & white. Did this simple & supercheap idea get your ScrapHacker juices flowing? Then head out to the hard wear […]

From Cast-off to One-off

James Russell + Hannah Plumb = London based design duo JamesPlumb – ”two artists under one name who work with the overlooked and discarded, taking time worn antiques and cast-offs to create one-off assemblages, luminaires and interiors”   The couple and creative duo met while studying Fine Art Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art and […]

Say it with a letter…

This coffee table (seen at Liberty in London) morphed from plain to special given the vintage/upcycling twist provided by incorporating wood letterpress blocks into the design. Blocks of this type are, perhaps a bit unfortunately, common at U.S Flea markets. They´re the symbol of a fallen industry, of western modern history, freedom of expression…  In […]

Yearning for Yarn…

This cute low bench has a seat that´s made out of pleated yarn, and it made me instantly yearn a visit to the yarn shop…In order to make it your self you need to find a stool or bench with a loose seat (remove the seat to expose the naked frame), then get some yarn […]


Chloé Alberry on Portobello Road is a great shop for scrappy chic ideas. The shop features a wider than wide assortment of door knobs, handles and bar pulls. The ones featured in the picture below has great D.I.Y potential! If you study the photo you will realize that the basic stuff you would need is […]

Match made in Heaven

A lovely matchbox wall sculpture caught my eye outside of the changing cabins at Anthropologie London Regent Street store! The hack is straightforward – vintage matchboxes were fastened onto the wall and along a grid of penciled lines that were left visible. The effect is a floating, 3D sculpture rich with meaning, association and stories! […]

Scrabble Revisited

D.I.Y – Scrabble Magnets inspired by Anthropologie Basic, simple idea I saw at Anthropologie in London – Scrabble tiles are reborn into a life as magnets. What you need for the Scrabble Magnet D.I.Y: 1. Buy an old set of Scrabble in a yard sale alternatively, find one in your attic, or use the one […]

When Granny met Goth

On the legendary weekly markets, London´s Portobello Road features a buzz of crafty makers and exciting ideas. Something that caught my eye in particular (when I browsed the stalls there this August) was the upcycled ceramics by Melody Rosemeare and brand Melody Rose. Melody reinvents and repurposes the old floral ceramics by adding crisp, and […]

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