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Anthropologie has always had a knack for discovering cool new furniture design with a upcycling twist. Right now on show @ the Chelsea Market location is a set of furniture by designer/artist Draga Obradovic. Her designs often include writing on upholstered furniture (this idea was also spotted @ upcycling company Terracycle´s HQ interior). My Obradovic […]

Scribbling with Scrap

Anthropologie Window Display

Feast your eyes to these pieces of eye candy – details from a window display of the Anthropologie Store @ Chelsea Market, NYC. The scrap wood collage is made from various pieces of spline all matched together with mating 45° cut edges to form a tight and contained effect. Acheiving that kind of precision might […]

Put a cork in it…

I saw some innovative and sculptural ideas on how to use old corks in a great window display of a Anthropologie store…I made me do some research. Did you know that cork has been used as bottle stoppers for more than 400 years? It is argued to be the best suited material to use as […]

Yearning for Yarn…

This cute low bench has a seat that´s made out of pleated yarn, and it made me instantly yearn a visit to the yarn shop…In order to make it your self you need to find a stool or bench with a loose seat (remove the seat to expose the naked frame), then get some yarn […]

Radiant Radiators…

This up-cycled radiator chair was spotted @ Anthropologie´s NYC Rockefeller store. A great whack hack! Although my metal working skills aren´t great, I can see the D.I.Y potential for someone with better skills and knowledge…Old style radiators can be found in local junk salvation yards – I found an example from – see below: […]

Match made in Heaven

A lovely matchbox wall sculpture caught my eye outside of the changing cabins at Anthropologie London Regent Street store! The hack is straightforward – vintage matchboxes were fastened onto the wall and along a grid of penciled lines that were left visible. The effect is a floating, 3D sculpture rich with meaning, association and stories! […]

Scrabble Revisited

D.I.Y – Scrabble Magnets inspired by Anthropologie Basic, simple idea I saw at Anthropologie in London – Scrabble tiles are reborn into a life as magnets. What you need for the Scrabble Magnet D.I.Y: 1. Buy an old set of Scrabble in a yard sale alternatively, find one in your attic, or use the one […]

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