Party Shoe D.I.Y – 11 Ideas

Spring is the time of re-invention, of ourselves, of our wardrobes and of our dreams. This post features 11 awesome Party Shoe DIY ideas from the blogosphere that will re-invent and inject instant Wow! into old un-loved shoes. The hacks are sure to leave both you and your shoes sparkly & reinvigorated, ready to dance into Saturday nights full of that swirly joy only the pride of self-made can bring. Link to tutorials under each pic – Enjoy!

DIY Embellished Ankle Straps by Glitter’n’Glue, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Glittery Gold Shoes by Apair&ASpare, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Neon Yellow Shoes by CheapChicObsession – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!

DIY Caged Metallic Sandals by LoveMaegan, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Spiky High Heels via Instructables – DIY TUTORIAL, HERE!

DIY Gold Ankle Boots by ApairAndAspare for HarpersBazaar, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Embellished Gold Sequin Shoes by LoveMaegan, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

DIY Neon Toe Shoes from GreenWeddingShoes, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

If you, like me, happen to live in a place where spring hasn’t quite arrived yet, why not give the Disco Wedges from DIY Couture a go?

DIY Disco Wedges from DIY-Couture, DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

After a night of dancing you might want to slip into comfy flats, like these ones for example…

DIY Studded Ballet Slippers from OrangeJuiceETC, DIY TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Rainbow Glitter Shoes by SwellDesigner,  DIY TUTORIAL – HERE!

Good Luck Hacking!

7 Responses to “Party Shoe D.I.Y – 11 Ideas”
  1. C’est génial ! Moi qui aime les chaussures originales, je suis servie !
    J’ai déjà passé quelques paires de chaussures ordinaires (et abimée) en patine vieil or ou vieil argent : ça rend super bine et ça va avec toute les tenues (fait avec du cirage argent très colorant, pour un effet ”vintage”, déjà vécu et pas ultra brillant !
    Bravo. j’aime beaucoup le simple bout de chaussure coloré : ça change tout, et c’est pas ”too much”.

    Anne la Dédée Blonde (celle qui a la plus grande collection de chaussures !)

    • skriver:

      Salut Anne,
      glad you like the line-up of awesome shoes.
      BTW, your blog is great, full of doable D.I.Y ideas!
      Hope to see you around the ScrapHacker blog in the future;-D

    • skriver:

      Hey Ariane, thanks for the tip! Loved the glittery Sparkle Tip shoe tutorial you linked to, great video there! Hope to see you around the ScrapHacker blog in the future;-D

  2. As a representative for shoe-lovers everywhere, thank you for these amazing ideas!

    Inspired, I went to my wardrobe and did a little digging.

    I just gave my very sad pair of grey pumps a neon bump of colour, and they are strutting me down the street like nobody’s business. 🙂

    Take a look here:

    • skriver:

      Hey Valerie, thanks for the feedback! Took a look on your blog & DIY and must say you really nailed those painted toes! I also very much enjoy your witty writing, that doesn’t come natural to all of us you know;-) See you around!

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