Top-15 Pallet Sofa Ideas

I find it really fascinating that something as standardized as a shipping pallet can rock so many varying looks simply depending on the finishing touches! Whatever your style preferences, rest assured – you can create a pallet sofa to suit your very own aesthetic and functional needs. If you´re feeling a D.I.Y urge, check out my previous D.I.Y feature – The D.I.Y How-To-Guide on how to build a Pallet Sofa Bed (which can accommodate 2 guests).

All you need for cosiness on a budget are some pallets, a dash of paint, some wheels/furniture legs and to top it off with mattresses & cushions! Here are some nuggets of pallet sofa style inspiration I found on the web – Which look is your favourite?

Breezy summer style

Breezy outdoor pallet sofa

Child friendly version

Pallet sofa for the Kids

Pale Blue hues…

Pallet Sofa Lounge

Sleek Modern

Pallet Sofa Idea

Minimal Pallet Sofa

Happy Bohemian

Casual Bohemian

Pallet Sofa Idea

Romantic Country

Country Style Pallet Sofa

Pale & Scandinavian

Pallet Sofa Idea

Cosy & Practical

Pallet Sofa Idea

Chic & girly

Pallet Sofa Idea

Boyish & Blue

Blue Pallet Sofa

Plain & Graphic

Pallet Sofa Idea

The Advanced one

Pallet sofaFor a great step-by-step D.I.Y tutorial of this more ”advanced” hack – Click here!


The ScrapHacker Sofa Bed

The ScrapHacker D.I.Y Pallet Sofa Bed

The ScrapHacker D.I.Y Pallet Sofa Bed

Oki – so there you go! What are you waiting for?!

– Get started on your own pallet sofa asap!

Breezy Summer style:
Child Friendly Version:
Pale Blue Hues:
Sleek Modern:
Happy Bohemian:
Casual Bohemian:
Romantic Country:
Pale & Scandinavian:
Cosy & Practical:
Chic & Girly:
Boyish & Blue:
Plain & Graphic:
The advanced one: Full tutorial @
The Pallet Sofa Bunk Bed:

10 Responses to “Top-15 Pallet Sofa Ideas”
  1. Kellilu skriver:

    Great roundup. FYI… the original source for the Romantic Country photo is here:

    • skriver:

      Hey, glad you enjoyed the line-up. Thanks for letting us know about the pic, love AshleyAnn’s blog & great photos. Hope to see you around the ScrapHacker blog in the future;-D

  2. Caren skriver:

    I was wondering where do you get the cushions for the pallets???

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