• Feather DIY

    Free flyin’ feather D.I.Y

    tisdag, oktober 16, 2012

    I’ve been experiencing somewhat of a writers block lately, meaning no posts on the blog for a while. However, I’ve been pinning daily doses of D.I.Y onto Pinterest and Facebook, so make sure to connect over there to stay tuned! Anyways, what better way to celebrate ridding the shackles of writers block than with some [...]

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  • Cross Stitch DIY Ideas & Tutorials

    Itchin’ to be stitchin’

    onsdag, september 19, 2012

    Oh boy have I gotten the itch for cross stitch! In my quest to find a cure, I’ve stumbled across the most amazing Cross Stitch DIY projects and tutorials, 10 of which I’ve gathered below. As awesome ideas tend to come from equally awesome people, tapping in to the stories behind the ideas comes highly [...]

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  • Cut-in-half table DIY

    The great DI(-Y)VIDE

    tisdag, september 18, 2012

    I gotta tell y’all, the D.I.Y blogosphere is indeed where the magic happens! The round-up of ideas in this post aims to prove my case by gathering of bunch of projects that I refer to as 2-in-1 magic makeovers. The featured projects shows how to make the most out of less (with a little help [...]

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  • Hacky hanger

    Hacky Hanger D.I.Y

    fredag, september 7, 2012

    Coat hangers are super easy to come by, you’ve probably got a bunch of old ones stacked at the back of your closet or in a dusty box in the attic, am I right? Instead of leaving them to that drab destiny, plunge into the pool of inspirational D.I.Y ideas featured in this post! The [...]

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wooden coat hangers

Brand New Branches

Rising tall, with arms stretching out as if to serve, the shapes of trees & branches are naturally endowed with excellent coat rack skills. Of course, hacking branches into various forms of racks is no new hack idea, yet new takes on the old trick renders it full of fresh hack-appeal. As we do not [...]

cassette tapes revisited

Mixtapes revisited

Remember these? Back in the days, cassette tapes were the epitome of pop culture, the heart beat of the Walkman era. Then came the advent of sharp and shiny Compact Discs, and these analog ancestors were tossed into landfills or dark corners of the attics of the world.  Today, multiple media generations later, these great-great-grandparents [...]

Collage of Stenciled Pillow

D.I.Y Stenciled Pillows

Pillows, strangely we can´t seem to ever get enough of those. Their popularity might stem from the simple fact that they´re the key to any quick fix, new pillows it seems, have the visual influence to change a look of an entire room. But instead of going loco and buying new pillows, you can easily [...]

DIY Bottle Lamp Hack Ideas

D.I.Y Bottle Lamp Ideas

Glass bottle lamps are fun way to accessorize your home! The variety of looks and shapes of bottles and shades out there make customization easy. I´ve gathered a few below to get your hacker juices flowing, hope you´ll find a way to make your very own & unique version. A Cork Stopper Lamp Kit (with [...]


D.I.Y Hall of F(r-)ame

Stashes of odd, glassless frames are often abundant in thrift stores. Given that, they´re a dime a dozen which makes them great hack raw material. Spray painting a bunch of them in either a monochrome color or a monochrome finish creates great potential for an artistic, interesting (and cheap!) sculptural focal point in your home. [...]

Basket Dip & Dye

Taking baskets for a dip

Reinventing old baskets and raffia totes have never seemed as thrilling as after seeing some amazing re-makes by crafty DIY fashion blogger A Pair & A Spare, the DIY team at MarthaStewart and the creative folks over at Poppytalk. The idea is to take your old basket for a DIY dip in an amazing color [...]

String Word Art D.I.Y

D.I.Y String+Nail Word Art

Nail & String word art projects have always been around, but the trend has been on the rise recent years, with projects featured in Anthropologie stores and other craft inspiration hubs. The German Fraufertig blog features an awesome illustrated D.I.Y tutorial to get you ready for some word art action. Hack ingredients are the following: [...]

Nepali DIY project from OhHappyDay.com

Party Hack Nepali Style

There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate, that´s why we should all cheer up our festive spirits with some awesome, party boosting D.I.Y. This morning I came across the most glorious tutorial via the awesome OhHappyDay-blog. Pretty pics and fun-loving results make this project tutorial a real gem [...]

Michelberger Hotel Cover Photo

Inside a (w-)hacky hotel

Michelberger Hotel in Berlins oh-so-hip Friedrichshain area is one of my favorite spots. As it´s full to the brim of hacky inspiration, i´ve featured the hotel and its decor in many previous ScrapHacker posts. In this one you´ll find my best pics of the great interiors, divided into 15 idea stacks, each with one hacky [...]


D.I.Y TeaCup Candles

D.I.Y Teacup candles make great gifts or decorative pieces. The raw material needed to make them cost next to nothing, making them a fun and accessible D.I.Y hack. I made a collage from pretty examples by to show you the creative possibilities in using different colors of wax and using different styles of cups and [...]

D.I.Y Ideas for Terrestrial Globes

Globe-al recycling

A fresh post by Mike of awesome D.I.Y blog Blue Velvet Chair features a great selection of 18 D.I.Y ideas for globe re-makes – I´ve gathered my Top-5 pick below, but make sure to pop by Mikes blog for the full show. I think this hack is a reminder of something very important: ”Shape your [...]

tin jar re-use

Smells like Tin spirit

Being able to hack trash-worthy tin jars to covetable items proves Scrap Hack mastery. Found the most amazing blog post that gathers no less than 50 inspirational ideas to get you started with some tin-jar hacking of your own! I selected my favorites below – but do make sure to pop by the awesome Under [...]


Ugly duckling to Swan

My latest scrap hack involves an ugly duckling chest of drawers I got at a thrift store for $20. Yet, with its neat proportion, some basic TLC involving paint & new doorknobs was all that was needed to transform it into a swan… Check out the result! It´s a straight forward hack as you can [...]

Top 15 Before & After Re-Makes

Top-15 Happily ever afters

Boost your energy levels by tapping into the powers of re-making old stuff into glorious new creations! Get inspired by this colorful Top-15 Re-Make selection. Remember: Your typical re-make is no costly affair – creativity and paint will suffice to pimp any scruffy piece beyond recognition!  Now – Enjoy this savory stew of salvage success [...]


Chopstick clock D.I.Y

The new year marks eager new beginnings – avoid wasting precious time in order to fulfill all those dreams for 2012! Some glue, a paper plate, 12 chopsticks, a quartz movement & some clock hands is all you need for this simple recycling D.I.Y project, a sleek 1950´s looking clock, inspired by our takeaway lifestyle [...]

NeSpoon Guerilla Lace

Amazing Lace

Polish artist NeSpoon combines lace-making, ceramics and street art. The result are stunning pieces in which the innocent beauty and intimacy of old-fashioned lace is contrasted to rugged and not-so-innocent urban decay. The City Stadium gates in Grottaglie, Italy, is one of her projects, made during the Fame Festival 2011 (all pics in this post [...]

DIY Felted Pot Holder

Shrunk to Funk D.I.Y

For me the days prior to New Years always seem full of inspired thoughts on the potential greatness of next year. As such, I tend to have a Zen moment want to clear out stuff I no longer use, or find creative ways of re-use. Browsing the MakeProjects website I found this great idea, that [...]

Recycled Paper Bag Stocking

Recycled Stocking D.I.Y

With just one more day to go til Christmas, I find myself eager for some last minute DIY! The Recycled Paper Bag Stocking is a perfect ”Crafty X-mas” idea. Requiring only 1.) a sturdy paper bag 2.) scissors 3.) a hole punch and 4.) some yarn/string means anyone can pull this off. Tuck a treat [...]

vintage spool coffee table crop

Top 20: D.I.Y Spool Hacks

The round wooden industrial cable spool is the curvacious cousin of the mega-popular pallet (frequently featured hack material on this blog and featured in inspiration posts such as  Top 10 Pallet Coffee Table Hacks, Top 10 D.I.Y Pallet Bed Hacks, Top15 Pallet Sofa Hacks, Pallet Ideas for the kitchen as well as in step-by-step D.I.Y [...]

chalkboardtee front

Walk the Chalk

During a recent browse of the gift shop at the Whitney Museum in NYC I spotted the glorious Chalkboard Tee concept. The chalkboard tee opens up for daily recycling through the inherent flexible customization feature (which might reduce tee-o-holic piles out there). Yet, I found buying an additional recyclable tee a bit ironic, and headed [...]

Michele Varian, 27 Howard Street, NYC

Dreamy Deco…

Michele Varian is quite the Scrap Hacker…The founder of the amazing store/universe on 27, Howard Street (NYC) embodies a maker mindset…and the gems in the store reveal that knack for spotting odd treasures. Reading her story at the company website, I find the tale of her ”A-ha – I´m a maker-moment”, one she had after [...]

Cubistic DIY

Cubistic D.I.Y

This crisp DIY idea was spotted at the SketchInc Etsy Store (top pic from there). I´ve also seen a slightly different version on the AestheticOutburst blog. This week Etsy featured a great D.I.Y tutorial on how to make the wooden block set below. In order to use the blocks as ornaments you just need to [...]

Color Block Pant Hack by HonestlyWTF

D.I.Y Color Block Pants

Let´s take cue from innovative D.I.Y blogger HonestlyWTF who remade an old pair of chinos into something rather stunning, simply by adding a touch of textile paint! This hack is a great D.I.Y (gift) idea as tons of jeans and pants are available in thrift stores (and at the back of your closet)…simply waiting to [...]


DIY Duct Tape Tree

The Duct Tape Christmas Tree by blogger LoveAesthetics is THE conscious tree option this year! It´s clever, stylish, space saving as well as both environmentally & DIY friendly…She used black tape, but hey, choose whatever color that suits you for a customized tree! Check out the steps below for some DIY action (all pics from [...]

Dragon Tail Necklace Collage

Dragon Tail Scrap Hack

How would have thought that scrap vinyl, a shoelace and some glue could morph into something as cool as this? D.I.Y blogger MicheleMadeThis proves excellent Scrap Hacker skills through an abundance of richly illustrated hack ideas in her site. ”The Dragon Tail Necklace” is one of her cool ideas (all pics from her blog which [...]


Brilliant Scrap Hack Idea

This is a great doable DIY project I spotted at DesignSponge. The design is by graphic designer Gabrielle Guy and only requires scrap paper strips, some glue and a cheap old lampshade, such as IKEA´s Regolit, priced at modest £1.99. The making process is summarized below. Start at the bottom of the shade and work [...]

Story Cover Photo via Flickr user EnglishCookies

Fasten your seat belts

Using old straps and belts are an easy way to rejuvenate an old piece of furniture. Use your old stuff, or find scrap belts & scrap chairs at your local flea market or thrift store. I found a great DIY video tutorial at Buildipedia which features a great upcycling series called ReHabitat, check out how [...]

Candy Wrapper Design

DIY ideas for Candy Wrappers

The old saying ”You can´t eat your cake and have it too” seems challenged by the boom of great cookie & candy wrapper designs – giving eating sweets an even sweeter aftertaste! This ScrapHack idea have great D.I.Y potential (and makes a great gift) as the weaving technique used can be applied to practically anything, [...]


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