Ice Cream D.I.Y ideas

”I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  Could one ever get enough of ice cream? Not me! Today’s post celebrates Ice cream by gathering a bunch of hacky ideas from crafty corners of the DIY blogosphere. So, ready..set…go, time to let that sweet tooth indulge in some delicicous D.I.Y – Enjoy!

DIY Ice cream appliqué T-shirt from ’Chic Steals’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

DIY Ice Cream Gift Kit, what an awesome idea! From Jan of ’Tip Junkie’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Printable DIY Ice Cream Tattoos from AmberLee of ’Giverslog’, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Inspiration from designers Nahoko Koyama and Alex Garnett of Mixko, read more here

DIY Mini Ice Cream cones, great recipe from – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Making DIY Ice Cream Balloons is brilliantly easy, just add a paper cone! Pics via ’The Crafts Dept’ & ’SpearmintBaby’

The heels are made of actual ice cream cones which have been stiffened by a special procedure using synthetic resin same as for surf boards! Designed by Steve Apeah & spotted via here

Awesome DIY Ice Cream Piñata from Tiffany of SimplyModernMom, detailed DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Ice cream cone ornaments lifts the spirits of a Christmas tree or a kids’ party décor in next to no time – DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Last but not least, the real deal: Delicious DIY! Recipe from Instructables, DIY TUTORIAL HERE

Enjoy your ice cream & happy hacking!




3 Responses to “Ice Cream D.I.Y ideas”
  1. carlyjcais skriver:

    Thanks so much for linking to my DIY Ice Cream T-Shirt Tutorial! I love the other tutorials in your roundup…will def. have to try the Ice Cream Shoes…they are so cool!

    • skriver:

      Hey Carly! Thanks for sharing the tutorial in the first place, keep up the good work over at /;-D

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