Tripod Lamps – 3 D.I.Y Ideas

Sculptural (and pricey) designer tripod lamps have been around for a while. Thanks to a couple of hacky D.I.Y bloggers you can create fancy looking tripod lamp in no time at all (and at a fraction of the price). This post features inspiration and 3 stylish D.I.Y hacks which will most definitely get your hacker juices flowing…They key to success is to get your hands on a couple of old tripod easels or music note stands, check it out:

Inspiration: Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Via Remodelista

D.I.Y Hack: Ikea ’Fas’ Clamp spot + Tripod Easel

Below on the left, some inspiration from the Loppelilla blog. On the right, the hack ingredients – an IKEA ’Fas’ Clamp Spotlight, priced at $9.99 and a $50.99 Tripod Wood Sketching Easel from Amazon.

Top left: via Loppelilla


Inspiration: Contemporary Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

Anton Björsig has created the Golv Tripod Lamp. It’s simple design opens up for hacking. Pairing a simple pendant or lamp shade with a easy tripod structure could score you a similar look…

Via Trendhunter

D.I.Y Hack: Ikea ’Ekås’+Tripod Easel

Below left, inspiration from blogger AnnMagritt. On the right, the hack ingredients – an IKEA ’Ekås’ Lamp Shade, priced at $10 and a $50.99 Tripod Wood Sketching Easel from Amazon.

Top left: via


Inspiration: Classic Tripod Table Lamp

A classic tripod lamp with a white lamp shade…


D.I.Y Hack: Music note stand+Lamp Shade

Vintage Music note stands are a common sight in thrift stores. Paired with a lamp socket and a lamp shade, they can look as good as this hacked lamp from ’The Painted Hive’.

Top Left: via ThePaintedHive




More hacky inspiration…

Via TheSecondLifeofMine

Via Anthropologie

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest


Good Luck Hacking!




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