Brand New Branches

Rising tall, with arms stretching out as if to serve, the shapes of trees & branches are naturally endowed with excellent coat rack skills. Of course, hacking branches into various forms of racks is no new hack idea, yet new takes on the old trick renders it full of fresh hack-appeal. As we do not all have access to fallen trees in our back yards,  I´ve also gathered some clothes rack ideas where a fallen branch or a couple of twigs will suffice to get you ready to make, among other things: Hanging Clothes Racks, Rods, Coat Racks & Coat Hangers…- Enjoy!

More is more

Fallen tree+Paint. Like the quirky style? Get more of it in my previous post on talented designer Nic Parnell

”If a tree dies, plant another in its place”/ Carl von Linné

Any old place I can hang my hat is home sweet home to me /William Jerome

Au Naturel

Natural branches+black rope.

White washed

Irregular branch+white paint. DIY Tutorial here

Another painted example, using chains to lift the rod, D.I.Y tutorial available here.

Simply Hooked

Natural branch+2 hooks

For Toddler treasures

Natural branch+string

Easy Peasy Towel rack

Piece of drift wood+hooks

For Precious organizing

Twig+Paint+Small hooks. Like the painted twigs? More of those in this previous post

Drifty gem

Gettin´ Twiggy with it

Frame+Pieces of twig+Glue+Screws. Go to D.I.Y tutorial here

Tweak´a´Twig Clothes Hanger

Coat Hanger Head+Twig. You don´t really need a tutorial for this one, do you?

Further applications…

The variety of stuff you can make with some branches are endless. The scope of application stretches far beyond the wardrobe. I´d like to finish off this post by sharing some pieces by designer Sebastian Errazuriz, who works a lot with the branch aesthetic. He works with Baltic plywood, but i´m thinking his pieces might inspire some real-branch hacking action to make shelves and tables inspired by his quirky cool creations.

Good Luck Hacking!

Pics came from here:
Painted Tree Coat Stand/Hat Rack: NicParnell
Black & White Coat Stand: West Elm
White Wash Clothes Rack: LoveAesthetics via OneFellSwoopDesign
Pastel: Apartment Therapy
Simply Hooked: MintDesignBlog via
For Toddler Treasures: TheHappyHomeBlog via ShannonEileenBlog
Easy Peasy towel hanger: DriftyGems Etsy Shop
Precious Organizing: APair&ASpare via
A drifty Gem: DriftyGems Etsy Shop
The ”Au Naturel” clothes rack: Joanna Fowles via SeeSawDesigns via PoppyTalk
Getting Twiggy with it hanger: Cantilever&Press Etsy Shop
Clothes Hanger:
Further Applications: Sebastian Errazuriz
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  1. Margaret Lott skriver:

    We just had some windy weather and I have a yard full of ideas just waiting to happen. My husband is going to think I have really gone off the deep end now when I want to save pecan tree branches and limbs, really Margaret, ”STICKS”. I can hear it now.LOL

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